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Mullein Flower (Organic)

Benefits of Mullein Flower (Organic)


Mullein is also known as “Aaron’s Rod” which gives a clue to its traditional healing story. In the Biblical story, Moses famously held up his rod to heal his people from the plagues of Egypt. But his brother Aaron was said to also have the power to heal. Both the flowers and leaves are useful healers with similar properties.  Now, studies back up some of the traditional medicinal properties of this plant.

The analgesic effects of mullein oil make it useful for treating earaches and other painful conditions.


With anti-inflammatory characteristics, the mullein flower is useful in the treatment of illnesses like bursitis and lung infections.

The mullein flower, because of its antibacterial characteristics, can be used to cure a variety of illnesses, including urinary tract infections and skin infections.

Historically, the anti-inflammatory properties of the mullein flower have made it a popular remedy for a variety of respiratory complaints, including bronchitis, dry cough, sore throat, and tonsillitis.

The mullein flower can be used as a substitute for tobacco in cigarettes, although this should be done with caution because of the known risks associated with smoking.

Moreover, mullein tea, which is brewed from the plant’s blooms, is a soothing and pleasant beverage.



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