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No drug or herbal treatment heals the body directly – it is the body’s natural immune system that does the work. If the immune system is functioning correctly, it can protect the body from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Mariandina works with the body’s natural defence system which means it can protect from a whole host of issues.

Our immune systems are made up of defence cells and antibodies. For these two parts of the immune system to function, it is essential to keep the body supplied with certain nutrients.

The disease will only progress to the point of becoming incurable if it is left too long untreated – until body tissues are damaged past the point of repair. But, the creators of Mariandina attest that this will not happen if the right nutrients are provided. In the same way as a deficiency of certain nutrients leads to disease, the correct levels of these nutrients will prevent it.

Mariandina is a holistic nutritional supplement which is designed to give the immune system everything it needs to fight disease. Rather than using pharmaceutical drugs to fight against various symptoms, the makers of Mariandina advocate boosting the natural immune system. They believe that their natural supplements, by boosting the body’s ability to fight pathogens, can help numerous conditions including arthritis, diabetes, asthma, lupus, cancer and virus like HIV and hepatitis.

At Neter Vital, we are proud to stock the complete range of Mariandina products.





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