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Sarsaparilla Root (Organic)


Benefits of Sarsaparilla Root (Organic)


Plant life has bestowed upon us a precious gift in the form of sarsaparilla, a vine that clings to the trees in the tropical rain forests of the Caribbean and South and Central America. Although many ancient societies make use of sarsaparilla, it is most commonly linked with the Caribbean, where devoted grandmothers still insist that their grandchildren drink the tea (made from the roots of the plant). The recommendation of your grandma to take Sarsaparilla is sound, as it has many positive effects on health.

This herb has immense healing potential, so obviously, the ancients knew what they were talking about. It has been demonstrated through scientific research to be effective against cancer, inflammation, and germs.

We are just beginning to learn why this plant is so healthy for the human body. Its high content of Saponins, which lower cholesterol and improve immunity, is a good indicator. Finding the “active” elements of an item can help us learn more about it, but it’s important to keep in mind that therapeutic plants found in nature have hundreds of ingredients all working in harmony. It is important to consider the traditional and historical use of a plant because current science sometimes overlooks this.

Historically, sarsaparilla was thought to as a means of purifying blood. It has been proved by current science to have compounds that preserve the liver (the organ that is responsible for removing toxins from our blood). There is evidence that sarsaparilla can also boost kidney health (the kidney is also an organ that filters the blood). This is only one way in which contemporary scientific research is corroborating old wisdom.

Customers should buy it because of all the reasons we list. Arthritis and other joint problems can be alleviated thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities. It is effective in combating bacteria, making it a go-to remedy for a variety of diseases, including the common cold. Customers with eczema and other skin conditions have also noticed improvement. We also recommend our blood-cleansing tea for anyone who is detoxing, but Sarsaparilla’s preventive effects on the kidneys and liver make it a particularly attractive option. Some individuals, especially in the Caribbean, use it on a regular basis to maintain good health. As it appears to have cancer-fighting properties, it’s a smart move in a world where cancer is on the rise due to our exposure to chemicals.

The Jamaican and Mexican Sarsaparilla we carry is of the highest quality and is grown organically (both areas where it has been traditionally grown and used).

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