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Benefits of Black Seed (Organic)


Often modern science confirms what ancient people already knew. Black cumin seed is probably the most striking example of this. Both ancient and modern understandings point to something quite remarkable.For thousands of years, Black cumin seed has been used for a variety of medical conditions including high-blood pressure, infections, indigestion, liver-disease and more. Black seed oil was found in the Tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs who were buried with their most previous belongings. We can find black seed mentioned in the Old Testament. It also was highly promoted in early Islamic culture, where it was seen as a cure-all herb. From these sources we can see that, for thousands of years, black cumin seed was recognised as a remarkable healing substance. In fact, black cumin seed was so prized in ancient cultures that it was described as “the blessed seed” and was said to “cure everything but death”. These claims may sound quite wild, especially in today’s rational world where we no longer have to take the word of Pharos or religious authorities. However, in the case of black cumin seed, modern science is starting to confirm what the ancients knew about this miraculous substance. Research has discovered a staggering number of potential benefits in many different areas of health. There are hundreds of studies showing black cumin seed may help with high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, inflammation, premature aging, infections (viral, bacterial and fungal), anxiety, sleep disorders and many other conditions. There are also many reports from people who find it has healed their aliments and improved their general wellbeing. We supply black cumin seed in a 100% pure oil form, since this way the active ingredients are greatly concentrated. We have been delighted to hear the about the positive results our customers have had – testimonials can be found below. Black seed oil is packed with vitamins. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and niacin. It also contains the minerals calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc. It has 15 amino acids (including 8 of 9 essential amino acids). Black seed oil also contains the anti-oxidants beta-sisterol, nigellone, and most-importantly thymoquinone (TQ). TQ is a substance that is attracting a lot of research interest thanks to its cancer-fighting and other medicinal properties. Black Seed Oil & DNA

The nutritional content goes some way to explaining why there are so many apparent health benefits. However, what is truly incredible about black seed oil is that it works at the DNA level, reprograming the building blocks of life itself. While many supplements and medications act at a cellular level, compounds in black seed oil work with our genetic code to bring about health benefits.

Science is only just beginning to understand how this happens. We know that TQ (one of the active ingredients in black seed oil) modifies the DNA of cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct but leaving normal cells unaffected. There are also other ways that it fights cancer at a genetic level and it is currently being investigated as an alternative to chemotherapy.We are only just beginning to understand how TQ works on a genetic level, but research has shown it appears to work with a biological system that protects our DNA, known as telomeres. Telomeres protect the chromosomes (where the genetic material is stored). Genetics is immensely complex but here is a simple analogy: if you think of the chromosome as a shoe-lace, the telomere is like the plastic tip at the end which prevents it from fraying. If DNA gets damaged, cells do not know how to function correctly and all kinds of problems can occur, so telomeres have a very important function. Telomeres have been the subject of enormous research interest since they play a role in aging and many diseases. Shortened telomeres are associated with heart problems, inflammation, diabetes, cancer and numerous other conditions. Abnormally long telomeres are also associated with health problems, so it seems that telomere balance is essential for health. An enzyme named telomerase is responsible for regulating the telomeres. The TQ found in black seed oil appears to work closely with this enzyme. In fact, it has been shown to have the exact opposite effect as poisons like arsenic which interfere with telomeres. The science is still in its early stages, but perhaps this DNA-level understanding is shedding some light on the “cure’s everything but death” phrase traditionally associated with black cumin seed. Pollutions, chemicals found in modern food and medicine, and even the stress of modern living have been shown to be associated with shortened telomeres and DNA damage. For this reason, it is extremely important we study substances like black cumin seed to find out if they can help protect us.



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