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Benefits of Astragalus Root (Organic)


Referred to as Huang Qi in traditional Chinese medicine, the roots of this plant from the legume family have been used for thousands of years. Astragalus is said to be one of the most powerful immune-boosting herbs in the world thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, and recent Chinese research has shown it supports T-helper cells (essential for immune response).

It also has verified anti-tumour action and is currently being researched in many cancer studies with promising results. 

Astralagus’s anti-inflammatory action makes it a potential candidate for treating arthritis, heart disease, and the myriad of other issues caused by chronic inflammation. The anti-inflammatory action also explains why astragalus helps speed up recovery from injuries or surgery

In China, astragalus has been used to treat type A and type B diabetes. We are learning more and more about the benefits of this ancient healing herb.

One of the most interesting areas of astragalus research is in the area of anti-ageing. Ageing is caused by damage to DNA, as over time, it fails to replicate correctly. Each strand of DNA contains telomeres which protect it from damage (you can imagine them like the little pieces of black plastic on the end of shoelaces that prevent them from fraying). We know that protecting the telomeres can slow the ageing process, and astragalus is one of the herbs that enhances telomere activity. Black seed oil has a similar mechanism of action, so some of our customers take this daily along with astragalus as part of an anti-ageing routine. The fact that astragalus is packed with anti-oxidants also makes it great for protecting the DNA in our cells from premature ageing caused by various environmental pollutants.

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