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10 Years of Neter Vital – Our Top 10 Products



10 Years of Neter Vital – Our Top 10 Products

Neter Vital is coming up to 10 years old!  That’s nearly a decade of researching the most powerful natural healing substances and providing them to the diverse set of customers who walk through our doors. That’s a decade studying ancient traditions and modern cutting-edge research.  We never stop learning and over the last 10 years, we have learnt so much, thanks to our dedicated team and feedback from hundreds of customers.

10 is an important number; we have 10 fingers; the number system we have used for centuries takes 10 as its base. We organise our periods of life into the 20s, 30s, 40s and so on. Various mystical traditions see this number as the basis of creation. So, we should honour this anniversary in various ways. In that spirit, we present our 10 ten herbal products (in terms of historical importance, modern scientific research and our customers’ feedback).

1) Black Seed Oil (BSO)

The importance of this healing substance cannot be overstated. Historically, it is one of the most treasured healing herbs, found in the tombs of Pharoah’s and said to, “cure everything but death”. That may sound a bit far-fetched, but looking at the recent research, it is not such a wild claim to make.

BSO contains thousands of active ingredients including Thymoquinone which works on a genetic level, protecting cells from DNA damage, reprogramming cancer cells to self-destruct, and working with the telomeres (protective strands of DNA that protect the genetic code from the effects of ageing).  Research has found promising results with some of the most pressing health problems of the modern age, including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic pain, insomnia and more.

Our customers report enormous benefits from this product, either taking it daily as a supplement or as needed for a specific issue. We are constantly studying the latest research on BSO and recently have discovered cutting-edge studies on the melanin which it contains. Melanin is much more than a skin pigment and is involved in immunity, brain health and many other areas that science is only just starting to understand. Please see this article for details

Or you can find more information about black seed oil here. 

2) VitaBiosa

Our guts are full of helpful bacteria. At least they are supposed to be, but various modern-day toxins have depleted our little helpers. This is bad news because the gut flora is perhaps the most important marker of a healthy body.

Did you know, that your body is like a planet, containing more microorganisms than it does human cells? These organisms are involved in everything, from immunity to mental health. It is one of the most fascinating areas of modern health research.

There are millions of strains of bacteria, so it is difficult to know what probiotic to take. After extensive research, we chose VitaBiosa, since it contains the strains that are the most beneficial based on recent research, of which there is a huge amount. Please see this article for more information on microflora and the benefits of probiotics.  

3) Breath-In

Respiratory health has been in the news a lot recently for obvious reasons. Anything that messes with our ability to breathe is bad news since our breath is our most vital energy – both according to ancient mystical conditions and the common-sense fact that you won’t live very long if you stop breathing!

Essential oils are seen by many as a kind of hippy-fad, but their use is backed by more scientific research than most people realise. And what we now call aromatherapy has roots in ancient Egypt (a culture obsessed with medical knowledge, from which our idea of medicine originated).  

We decided to create the perfect respiratory blend. Frankincense Oil has so many health benefits – including respiratory – that we dedicated this article to it (link). Peppermint oil is known to relax the windpipe and clear congestion. Eucalyptus is also a decongestant, and it also contains a compound known to kill many respiratory-illness causing bacteria. Tea Tree oil is one of the best antiseptics, proven to fight against numerous infections. Together, they make a powerful way to clear your nose and throat, allowing your lungs to get the precious oxygen they need.

Read more about breathe-in here. 

4) Moringa

Moringa is a herbal heavyweight. Possibly the most nutrient-rich substance on the planet, the leaf has more vitamin C than oranges, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk… the list goes on. It is packed with amino acids, minerals, anti-oxidants and more – as if nature decided to make the perfect nutritional supplement. We have written an entire article about the benefits of this incredible gift from nature.

Moringa has attracted significant research for a range of medical issues. It regulates blood sugar, prevents weight gain, has anti-cancer properties and has a host of other benefits. There are some quite remarkable properties: for example, Moringa prevents DNA damage to ordinary cells but causes DNA damage to cancer cells.

Like with many of these incredible plants, it is not just the leaves that are useful. The entire plant has healing properties, the seed-pods can even purify water. Moringa seeds are rich in oil that The oil pressed from the seeds protects the skin and hair. For this reason, it was treasured in ancient Egypt, where the harsh desert heat and sand could age the skin. In the modern world, there is even more need for it due to all the pollutants we are bombarded with.

5) Ancient Healing Cream

Moringa oil is also featured in one of our most popular products: ancient healing cream. This is a recreation of an ancient recipe that stays true to form, using no harmful synthetic ingredients. It also contains our famous black seed oil, ylang-ylang oil, and French lavender oil – all known to be effective and protective to the skin. For example, ylang-ylang oil has been shown to aid the production of new skin cells.

Applying oils directly to the skin can cause breakouts in some people since they block the pores. But by diluting them in Shea Butter, we make the product safe for everybody. Shea Butter itself has a  fascinating history, and we have found records of it being used in Cleopatra’s Egypt. It is packed with vitamins that nourish the skin making it perfect for treating wrinkles, scars, and sunburn. It also contains the powerful anti-ageing substance, cinnamic acid.

By combining all of these ingredients, we have created a cream that has brought our customers’ amazing results. It helps with eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis and also works great as a daily moisturiser. Read more about our ancient healing cream here

7) Blood Cleansing Tea

Detoxification is a must in the modern world. Several herbs were traditionally thought to clean the blood. That may not sound very scientific, but modern research has revealed that these so-called blood-cleansing herbs actually support the liver and kidneys (organs that actually do clean the blood).

The blend of herbs we use for our blood cleansing tea was created following extensive research. It contains Burdock (which supports the kidneys and liver to remove toxins from the bloodstream) dandelion (a herb used for thousands of years which have now shown to have digestive and liver-protecting benefits) Red Clover (which aids blood flow and balances hormone levels) sarsaparilla (a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, with a long history of detoxification use) and cloves (famed for their anti-bacterial and parasite-killing properties).

We recommend drinking this tea first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Many of our customers use it daily or during a specific period of detoxification. You can read our full article about blood cleansing tea here

7) Atunbi

Modern diets are not treating our colon’s too well. Most people are – to put it bluntly – full of sh*t. Bloating, lack of energy, and poor mental health, can all result from a buildup of toxic waste in the body. For this reason, herbal colon cleanses can be a great way to rid your body of the stuff that should be flushed down the toilet, not clogging up your insides. Atunbi colon cleanser is one of our top selling products. It is extremely powerful, and if you take it, you have to make sure that you do not have anything to do for a couple of days, otherwise, you could be in trouble! However, after the experience our customers report a whole range of health benefits, feeling lighter, more awake, having more energy and an improved mood.

A colon cleanse is recommended, even if you eat a healthy diet. But for those of us who consume a lot of meat and processed food, it is a necessity. There are many powerful herbal laxatives out there, but Atunbi is the most effective one we have discovered. It contains  Cascara Sagrada, Cardamon extracts, Senna, Guarana, Acai berry, Flaxseed, Garcinia, Psyllium, Asunwon egba, Eso bara, Ponpola, Asufeyeje and Green tea extracts.

Read more about colon cleansing here

9) Nano Products

One of our core missions at Neter Vital over the last 10 years is to re-examine ancient healing substances through modern scientific research. It is fascinating to learn how, so many times, ancient people had knowledge that we are only starting to relearn today. Nanoparticle products are the perfect blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology. Precious metals have long been known to have healing properties, and new technology allows them to be delivered as nano-particles, for faster absorption, and delivery throughout the body.

Most people know that minerals are important, but the healing properties of precious ones are less well known. Colloidal silver has been used for centuries and was the go-to treatment for infections before the advent of antibiotics. Today it has had a resurgence of use in people looking for a non-toxic form of hand sanitiser. Gold is a staple in ancient Indian medicine and tiny particles were given for immunity and mental focus. Today there is some evidence of Gold’s medical efficacy, for example, Nano-particles of gold have anti-cancer properties. Platinum has anti-cancer properties and is widely used in treatment. There is also evidence that it has positive neurological effects.

We have chosen what we believe is the best brand of colloidal minerals, Nano, and our customers give excellent feedback on these products. See the full article here.

9) Mushrooms

Did you know that the mushroom you see above the ground is just the tip of the iceberg? And that fungus creates a communication system for trees to communicate with each other, a kind of natural internet? Mushrooms are weird and wonderful things. Some are deadly poisonous, others can cause powerful hallucinations, and the ones we stock have an immense number of healing properties.

Ancient Chinese medicine never made the distinction between food and medicine, adding certain mushrooms to your diet was recommended for specific illnesses. Now in the modern age, there has been considerable interest in mushrooms, mostly in the quest to find cancer treatments that do not damage the body.

Chaga mushrooms contain compounds that have been shown to kill cancer cells, Reishi mushrooms have a near-mythical status and have recently been found to help with fatigue, depression, blood sugar regulation and a host of other issues (they also kill cancer cells and are used as supplementary treatments). Shitake mushrooms are packed with amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants, having been historically famed for their anti-ageing properties and now showing promising results for all sorts of health issues. Maitake mushrooms were so precious that they were once used as a currency, nowadays they are also being studied as a potential cancer treatment. We stock all of these, and more, recommending them to many customers for specific issues.

You may be interested in this article about healing mushrooms. 

10) Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis is now big business, with CBD containing products everywhere and even full-spectrum preparations in countries where it is legal. But what about the humble hemp oil? It actually has an incredible array of healing properties making it one of our most recommended products.

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries and was considered sacred in ancient India, China and Egypt. It is featured in some of the oldest medical manuscripts in existence. The oil made from cold-pressed seeds does not have any psychoactive properties so is legal everywhere. There are so many benefits of putting hemp oil on your skin that we wrote an entire article about it.

Hemp Seed Oil can treat eczema and other skin conditions, without the awful side effects of steroid creams. It contains anti-ageing compounds which reduce wrinkles and anti-oxidants that protect the DNA of your skin cells from environmental stressors. It contains both vitamin C and vitamin E which complement each other, mutually improving absorption.

Hemp seed oil can also be taken internally and contains fatty acids essential for brain health. This, along with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties has led to hemp oil being investigated for Alzheimer’s, auto-immune disorders, blood pressure, mental health issues and many other issues. The results are incredibly promising and it isn’t hard to see why this plant was considered sacred.

We recommend that many of our customers start with half a teaspoon a day then build up to a full one after a week or so.

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