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Hormonal Imbalance in Women: A Symphony Sabotaged by the Modern World?



Hormonal Imbalance in Women: A Symphony Sabotaged by the Modern World?

Women possess the profound ability to bring new life into the world, a feat orchestrated by the intricate and finely-tuned female reproductive system, which relies on the perfect balance of various hormones. Unfortunately, the modern world, with its toxins, pollutants, and unnatural lifestyle habits, is disrupting this harmonious symphony of hormones. This results in a myriad of problems—some directly linked to the reproductive system like period pains, challenges in conceiving, or severe menopausal symptoms. However, hormonal imbalances can manifest in myriad ways, from a lack of energy to a diminished sense of well-being.

It’s common for modern women to feel depleted or unmotivated, often attributing such feelings to the stresses of contemporary life. Moreover, while mood swings before menstruation are viewed as normal, in reality, these emotional fluctuations can be significantly intensified by hormonal imbalances. Many women face persistent skin and hair problems, unaided by high-end products. Symptoms like low energy, poor sleep, difficulty concentrating, and a perpetual sense of feeling “off” plague numerous women. Thankfully, nature provides a variety of healing herbs capable of restoring the delicate hormonal balance, enhancing, regulating, and even mimicking the hormones women naturally produce.

Before diving into treatments, let’s understand some primary culprits behind these imbalances:


The dangers of pesticides in our food supply are well-documented, particularly their links to various cancers. However, lesser known is their detrimental impact on the female reproductive system. Some pesticides, due to their structural similarity to hormones like estrogen, can impersonate them, binding to hormonal receptors in our bodies and either activating them weakly or blocking them entirely. This underlines the importance of opting for an organic diet.

Processed Foods

Our diet, particularly the ingestion of fast and processed foods, can interfere with the female reproductive system. Excess sugar, for example, can elevate insulin levels, prompting the ovaries to produce more androgens. Trans fats interfere with enzymes vital for hormone production, while packaging chemicals can mimic estrogen, further confusing the body’s natural hormonal balance.

Stress And Lifestyle

The relentless pace and stresses of the modern world, including habits perceived as relaxing (e.g., binge-watching intense TV series), can escalate cortisol levels, upsetting the hormonal balance. Alcohol, prescription medications, and recreational drugs can notably interfere with estrogen and progesterone functions. Such substances, often cautioned against during pregnancy, are best avoided in general.

Birth Control Pills

Millions of women globally use birth control pills, a method not only normalized but often encouraged. These pills function by interrupting the regular hormonal balance. Introducing the body to elevated levels of synthetic estrogen and progesterone, birth control pills suppress natural hormone production, inhibit ovulation, and thin the uterine lining.

A Spiritual / Sexual Perspective

Modern science can tell us a lot about the physical world, but at Neter Vital we also study ancient traditions that offer an alternative perspective. The ancient Egyptians, for example, had lot of what we can call vertical knowledge (knowledge that comes from individuals turning inwards, examining the mind and consciousness through meditation and ritual). This is opposed to the knowledge of the external world which we can call horizontal knowledge.

From this perspective, the physical world is a manifestation of something higher, and the physical reproductive system is how sexual energy operates in this world. Sexual energy is the most vital force we have, it brought you, and everybody else into this world. Ancient cultures always understood that this energy is not to be wasted and abused.

Unfortunately, modern society takes the opposite approach: promoting activities that harm our sexual energy. For example, women are being sold the idea that promiscuity is somehow empowering, encouraged by the entertainment industry that promotes female stars acting in an extremely sexualised way. The hookup culture enabled by apps like Tinder is seen as healthy and normal by many, but it is very destructive to use sacred sexual energy this way.

When there is a sexual connection between a man and a woman, all kinds of energies are exchanged. On the physical level this includes genetic material, on the mental level, vibrations can merge. Have you ever noticed that couples start to look alike when they have been together for a long time? Have you ever had the experience of experiencing the emotions, thinking patterns, and even hangups of your partner?

If you have many different sexual partners, this process of exchange may lead to confusion and disharmony, taking you off balance. In the physical world, this will likely manifest as hormonal imbalances.

There is even some evidence that, if a woman becomes pregnant, genetic material from previous partners – not just the fathers – may be present in the baby. Pedigree cat breeders have found that if a female mates with a different breed, she will no longer be able to produce kittens of that breed even if mating with the correct male.

Physical toxins are not the only kind, there is plenty of mental contagion out there in the form of mass entertainment, social media and so on. In the same way, we recommend avoiding processed food and unnatural additives, we recommend you unplug from information that encourages harmful practices.

Every ancient spiritual tradition has warned against misuse of the sexual energy (for both women and men). Your body is a sacred temple – so it makes sense to be very careful who is allowed to enter it!

Restoring The Balance

The path to rebalance lies in a combination of natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Women need not resign themselves to the pains and myriad health issues arising from hormonal imbalance.

Our Female Health Tonic

In our pursuit to assist women in reclaiming their innate balance, we present our Female Health Tonic—a fusion inspired by ancient Senegalese traditions and Ayurvedic practices and bolstered by contemporary research. Beyond addressing health challenges like fibroids and endometriosis, this tonic serves as a shield, ensuring you stay revitalized and in equilibrium.

Key ingredients include therapeutic Clove Buds, Star of Anise for hormonal harmony, the Ayurvedic powerhouse Shatavari, Kacip Fatimah for postpartum health, and Dong Quai, frequently dubbed the “female ginseng” for its hormone-regulating properties.

This tonic will shortly be available from our store and online shop. Contact us for more information.

So many of the health problems in the modern world are caused by our separation from nature, but nature is still always there waiting to heal us!

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