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Shu Powder (aka Funtumia Elastica)

Benefits of Shu Powder (aka Funtumia Elastica)


Funtumia Elastica Bark has been used in west Africa Ghana traditionally for respiratory health conditions such as asthma, lung infections and coughing. It is often referred to as “Yamoa Powder”

Ingredient: Funtumia Elastica Bark (wild crafted)

Shu Powder Directions

Option 1: Shu Powder Recipe

Pour entire contents of Shu Powder (30g) into 380ml of water. Mix the combination well. Ensure the powder has completely dissolved. Stir mixture before every use.

Adults: 1 teaspoon (tsp) of the mixture twice a day.

Children (under 12yrs): ½ teaspoon (tsp) of the mixture twice a day.

Option 2: Shu Powder Beverage Recipe

Mix Shu powder into your beverage of choice, such as water, tea, smoothie or sprinkle on top of food.

Adults: ¼ teaspoon (tad tsp) twice a day.

Children (under 12yrs): ⅛ teaspoon (pinch tsp) twice a day.

Learn More About Shu Powder

Shu Powder is made of the bark of a rare African tree (a rubber tree known as Funtumia Elastica) and has been used for centuries but has recently gained attention in the west thanks to an African shaman bringing it to London. For this reason, the powder is sometimes known as Yamoa powder. We have obtained a very high-quality supply of this bark and have named our brand Shu powder, after the Egyptian deity associated with the breath.

This bark recently became something of a sensation among people suffering from asthma, seasonal allergies and other respiratory conditions. People report dramatic improvements, sometimes after a single dose.

Traditionally it was used to treat respiratory health and infectious diseases, and modern research is starting to uncover just how effective it is. It contains an active ingredient, YAM-1 which appears to help the immune system respond to inflammation. Inflammation is a normal bodily response, but excessive inflammation is the cause of many health conditions. In asthma and some allergies, the lungs become constricted due to excessive inflammation, and this is what YAM-1 seems to mitigate.

After hearing so many positive reports about this herb, scientists have started to take it seriously and plenty of research is taking place. One study looked at the effect that Yamoa had on immune cells in mice and cattle. They found that Yamoa activated innate immunity. Another study investigated how the immune system was enhanced by Yamoa and found that it increased the number of T-cells in calves that had been fed the powder. It has also been confirmed that calves fed with Yamoa had reduced inflammatory markers. This gives an important clue to how it may help asthma, by reducing inflammation in the airways. Anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties have also been discovered. It seems that Yamoa powder can fight disease by enhancing the immune system and reducing inflammation.

The research is still in its infancy, but reports from all over the internet show that people are experiencing incredible relief from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Our Shu powder comes from a source of Funtumia Elastica grown in the perfect conditions to ensure the highest concentration of active ingredients. We recommend it for anybody experiencing asthma or seasonal allergies, or any other issues that could make it hard to breathe deeply. It is normally can be taken in powder or capsule form and is in our shop and will shortly be coming to our online store.

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