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Benefits of Shilajit – Himalayan Resin


Shilajit Resin is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains and surrounding areas.

Shilajit resin is formed over thousands of years from the decomposition of plants and other organic materials. It is found in the Himalayan Mountains and surrounding areas and is collected by local people who have been using it for generations.

In recent years, Shilajit resin has gained popularity as a natural supplement for its potential health benefits. While scientific research on Shilajit is still limited, preliminary studies suggest that it may have content of minerals and vitamins, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting properties.

DIRECTIONS: Use a small spoon to take shilajit out of the bottle. Stir a pea-sized amount in a 500ml glass of water.

INGREDIENT: 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit

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