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Benefits of Rosemary (Organic)


Rosemary today is mostly known as a cooking ingredient. But it has a long history as a sacred healing herb, in fact, burning Rosemary was one of the earliest forms of natural incense used for spiritual purification. Its medicinal use dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and it is still used today by those in the know.

Scientific research has recently revealed some incredibly interesting things about Rosemary,  particularly its ability to protect us from EMF radiation.

Indeed, rosemary is one of the most potent medicinal plants in the world. It has been used therapeutically for quite some time. Science is just confirming the benefits of rosemary, as it has with many other ancient medicines. Interestingly, this sacred plant also has the power to shield us from electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 


Rosemary’s anti-oxidant and cell-protective effects are extraordinary. As a result, the use of rosemary in traditional medicine dates back millennia. Its historical applications include those of a painkiller, an energizer, a sleep aid, and a spasm reliever.


Rosemary is most frequently consumed in the form of tea, but it can also be used in a tincture, poultice, ointment, steam inhalation, aromatherapy, and more. Recent studies have revealed that rosemary has multiple clinical applications. This includes enhancement of psychological well-being (Rosemary has shown potential as a natural anti-depressant), facilitation of the immune system, alleviation of nerve pain, and assistance with chronic neurological diseases. Researchers have discovered that rosemary has several useful biological effects, including those that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-tumorigenic, and neuroprotective.


Rosemary appears to have many neurological benefits, including mental state, cognition, memory, pain, anxiety, and sleep. If the herb can treat the most complicated component of our bodies, it’s easy to see why it was held in high regard. Since nerve pain is so difficult to cure and many prescription medications are highly addictive, the research showing its effect on nerve pain is fascinating.


The long-term effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure are the subject of intensive study. Because of the ubiquitous nature of cell phones, it is currently at an all-time high and continues to rise at an exponential rate. To counteract these impacts, scientists are investigating potential countermeasures. Rosemary is a possible remedy, as it has been shown in studies to lessen the negative effects of EMF exposure both before and after it occurs. Damage to the parotid glands, for instance, has been linked to exposure to electromagnetic fields (which produce saliva to help with chewing and swallowing). Many investigations, both on humans and animals, have found that rosemary can shield these glands from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.


Electromagnetic fields seem to cause harm to the organism through increasing oxidative stress (the same process by which pollution, alcohol, pesticides and so on damage our DNA). Rosemary has anti-oxidant properties that protect against this kind of harm. Researchers found that “Research reveals that the ethanolic extract of rosemary has many beneficial effects that can be compelling in supporting individuals living with EMF ecological contamination.”



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