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Benefits of Mistletoe Plant (Organic)


You may have heard of the Christmas tradition of kissing under the Mistletoe, but did you know it has remarkable healing properties? For centuries, people have turned to it as a remedy for everything from anxiety and nervousness to skin disorders and fevers.

Mistletoe was utilized to treat circulatory disorders because it was thought to be a natural “heart tonic” in alternative medical systems.
In recent years, mistletoe extracts have gained popularity as an alternative treatment for cancer in countries like Germany and a few others in Europe. Mistletoe has been tested in laboratory experiments for its potential effects on cancer treatment. The experiments have shown that mistletoe can stimulate the immune system to fight against cancer cells, it can kill cancer cells directly, and it can also promote cancer cell death (apoptosis). Although, the studies that would lead to mainstream adoption have not been carried out for some reason.

There is preliminary research suggesting that mistletoe can alleviate hypertension and gastrointestinal distress.
As an alternative treatment, mistletoe has shown potential in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and exhaustion, especially in cancer patients. It has been shown to be potentially useful for the treatment of menopause symptoms and for the control of hormone levels in women experiencing menstrual irregularities.

Mistletoe branches can be used as a scrub – or extracts and tinctures can be applied topically. Varicose veins, leg ulcers, and eczema are just some of the skin conditions that it can help alleviate when applied topically. Some people also use it to alleviate joint pain by rubbing it into the skin, believing it has pain-killing effects.

Mistletoe’s popularity as a holiday ornament may have originated from its use as a medicinal plant in the past. As a result, the next time you encounter some mistletoe, you might want to pause and think about how good it could be for your health!

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