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Benefits of Medina (Organic)


Often employed as an aphrodisiac and male virility enhancer, medina is a renowned Jamaican herb with several medicinal applications. Since medina has been used to increase virility for centuries, it is no surprise that it remains so popular today. The evergreen Medina plant is perfectly at home in the island’s warm, humid environment. The plant can be found in a variety of forest types around the island, and its leaves are gathered in a specific sequence to maximize the plant’s medicinal effects.

This herb is such a potent virality enhancer for men, that its use sometimes comes with a warning. Too frequent ejaculation can lower sperm count, and the increased stimulation can put a strain on the heart, best to take advice before you use it. 

While many people associate Medina with its use as a sexual enhancer, the herb’s benefits extend far beyond that. There is a long tradition in Jamaican culture of using medina as a treatment for the common cold and fevers. The herb is also thought to help reduce fatigue and ease back and other types of joint pain. Some people also think that Medina herbal tea can help with hernias.

The herb’s anti-inflammatory properties make it useful for treating pain and other symptoms associated with a variety of medical problems. In addition, research indicates that medina contains antibacterial characteristics that make it effective against bacterial and viral illnesses.

Medicinal medina can also help the body’s defences by strengthening the immune system. The herb’s abundance of antioxidants supports the immune system, which in turn protects against illness.

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