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Matcha Powder (Organic)

Benefits of Matcha Powder (Organic)


Matcha, a special kind of Japanese green tea, has been enjoyed by the country’s citizens for centuries. Beginning as a medicinal beverage in China during the Tang dynasty, its origins can be traced all the way back to the present day. Eventually, Buddhist monks transported it to Japan, where they incorporated it into their meditation practices and as a form of alternative medicine. Matcha is made by shading tea plants for a few weeks prior to harvest, which boosts the plant’s ability to produce chlorophyll and amino acids. After the leaves are picked, they are dried and then ground into a powder that will be used to brew the tea.

Matcha has been confirmed to have a wide variety of beneficial chemicals, according to scientific studies. Caffeine is one such chemical that has the ability to increase energy and sharpen mental performance. L-theanine, an amino acid found in matcha, has been shown to provide calming and stress-reducing effects. Caffeine and L-theanine work synergistically to promote alertness and concentration without causing the jitters that some people experience when drinking coffee.

Matcha has all the benefits of other green teas, which are many. There has recently been a lot of research in Asia that points to its anti-depressant power.

Research has also revealed that green tea is a powerful antioxidant. This means it can protect our cells from the damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins in what we eat and drink. It is essential in today’s world to boost your level of anti-oxidants, and drinking green tea regularly is a great way to do it. 

There have also been many studies that confirm green tea’s benefits to the skin. Regular consumption results in younger-looking skin, and reduced skin complaints. 

If you regularly consume coffee or black tea, switching to standard green tea or matcha may have a lot of benefits. It has been shown to improve memory, protect the brain from age-related decline, regulate blood sugar and promote cardiovascular health. 

It has also been used by many to lose weight since it reduces the appetite and stimulates the metabolism. 

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