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Coriander Seed (Organic)

Benefits of Coriander Seed (Organic)


Coriander’s subtle and light flavour makes it an incredibly popular spice, both as a dry powder and an edible leaf. Native to the Mediterranean, this herb has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for digestive issues, skin problems and more.


When it comes to herbal remedies for anxiety and insomnia, most people think of valerian, passionflower and chamomile – but did you know that coriander also has powerful sedative properties? One study even found it had anti-anxiety effects comparable to the prescription drug Diazepam. Unlike herbal remedies, drugs like Diazepam are highly addictive and change the brain’s chemistry. So there is a desperate need to find natural alternatives. Coriander has also been shown to improve mood. There has also been research that shows it improves cognitive function and memory. So, it seems this herb is good for the brain in many ways. Some researchers have suggested this is because it contains linalool, a substance known to promote calm and improved mood. 

There have even been brain-scan studies that showed less activity associated with anger in people who took coriander – shedding some light on its power to soothe emotions.

It has anti-inflammatory properties too. Inflammation is the common culprit behind so many health problems, so it is important to ensure your diet contains natural anti-inflammatory substances like coriander. 

It has even been shown to have blood-sugar regulating and anti-cancer properties. This herb really is a healing powerhouse and should be consumed regularly. 


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