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Benefits of Goats Rue (Organic)


This herb is not so well known, but did you know that the popular diabetes drug metformin is made from a substance extracted from it? Quite often, pharmaceutical companies will fund research into herbs, but only because they are looking for compounds that can be extracted, modified, patented and sold to make billions of profit! But what about if we just take the herbs as nature intended?

Well, in the case of Goat’s Rue (also known as French Lavender), many benefits have been established. It has been shown to lower blood sugar in diabetes patients. This is thought to be due to the compound guanidine.
It has also been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. Excessive inflammation is behind many of the biggest health problems we have today: Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so on.

Goats Rue is also useful for promoting digestion. It stimulates the adrenal gland and pancreas, can protect the liver and has also been used to induce breast milk production.
Goats Rue may also have an anti-ageing effect. Guadine extracted from goat’s rue is used to make metformin, which as well as treating diabetes is one of the most powerful anti-ageing drugs (increasing life expectancy by up to 20%).

There has not been any research to determine if goat’s rue in its natural form slows ageing, but it could be the case since its blood sugar-regulating effects are similar to the synthetic drug.

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