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Devil’s Claw Root (Organic)

Benefits of Devil’s Claw Root (Organic)


This herb gets its name from its fearsome-looking spikes, but we think the name is a little unfair because the herb is more angelic than devilish thanks to its amazing ability to soothe pain. Its properties were well understood by the indigenous people of southern Africa who used it for centuries as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation. It has also been traditionally used to treat fever, and as an overall health tonic.

The performance-boosting power of this herb is so strong that it has been banned for racehorses (it was commonly given to horses to soothe muscle pain and aid recovery).
It is widely used in Europe as a natural remedy for arthritis, back pain, and headaches. This is because it has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect – which has been demonstrated by numerous studies. It has gained a lot of attention as an alternative arthritis treatment.

Chronic pain is an increasingly serious issue, and existing medications are highly addictive and have many side effects. Devil’s claw may well be a useful alternative and we welcome any new research. Our customers have reported improved energy and reduced pain (particularly from arthritis).

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