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Detox Naturally With Sarsaparilla



Detox Naturally With Sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla is a wonderful gift from nature, a vine that clings to the trees in the lush rainforest of the Caribbean and South & Central America. It was used by many ancient cultures, but it is most famously associated with the Caribbean where, even today, doting grandmothers encourage the little ones to drink Sarsaparilla tea (made from the roots of the plant). It would be wise to take grandmother’s advice because Sarsaparilla has many benefits for the body.

Clearly, ancient people know what they were talking about because modern research has found that this plant has enormous healing potential. Studies have shown it to have anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, and even cancer-fighting properties.

We are only starting to understand why this plant is so beneficial to the body. One clue is that it is high in Saponins, which are known to reduce cholesterol and boost the immune system. While it is useful to find the “active” ingredients in a substance so that we can better understand it, we should remember that nature provides healing plants which have hundreds of ingredients working together in a subtle balance. This is something that modern science often fails to appreciate, so we should pay attention to the traditional and historical uses of a plant.

Traditionally, Sarsaparilla was viewed as a blood cleansing product. It is interesting that modern science has confirmed that it contains substances that protect the liver (the organ that is responsible for removing toxins from our blood). Sarsaparilla has also been shown to improve kidney function (the kidney is also an organ that filters the blood). This is just one example of how modern science is confirming what ancient people already knew.

We recommend it to our customers for many different reasons. The anti-inflammatory properties make it great for arthritis and other joint issues. The anti-bacterial properties mean that it is great for treating colds and other infections. Our customers also report that it helps with their skin problems such as eczema. The kidney and liver protective qualities of Sarsaparilla mean that we recommend it for anybody who is detoxing, along with our blood-cleansing tea. Many people, particularly from the Caribbean community, take it regularly for general wellness. Given that it appears to have cancer-fighting properties, this seems like a good idea in today’s world where cancer is become ever more prevalent due to the toxins we are exposed to.

We only stock high-quality, organic Sarsaparilla from Jamaica and Mexico (both areas where it has been traditionally grown and used).

To prepare Sarsaparilla tea, add hot water to chopped Sarsaparilla roots and leave for around 10 minutes. We will recommend the amount to use based on any health conditions you may have. Unlike some medicinal teas which are extremely bitter, Sarsaparilla has a pleasant taste, reminiscent of vanilla and liquorice. It can be thought of as the original root-beer!

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