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Precious Minerals for Health: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science



Precious Minerals for Health: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

Nanoparticle products beautifully demonstrate how modern science can refine ancient healing methods. The long-known benefits of minerals like gold, silver, platinum, iron and magnesium can be enhanced by consuming them in the form of nano-particles.

Everybody has heard of gold, silver, and platinum. They are rare, and thus valuable. In our money-obsessed world, they have become status symbols. So many performers have been waving around their gold chains in music videos that it has become a cliché. Really the love of precious metals is nothing new though, ancient people prized them much more than just the bling factor, they can be powerful healers.  

It may seem strange to think of metals as healing substances, but they are simply minerals. All physical life on earth originated from earth’s raw minerals. They are responsible for all electrical impulses in our body and feed every single one of our cells. Without them, life simply would not exist today. Minerals and vitamins are co-dependent on each other, and when one is out of balance, it can have a domino effect on the others. People often take vitamin supplements, failing to address the true culprit: a deficiency in minerals. So people swallow vitamin pills unbeknownst to the fact that they cannot be absorbed without adequate minerals in the body. Although minerals are vital to the normal functioning of our body, the WHO organisation estimates around 28% of the population has a deficiency.

In recent years, technology has been developed that gives us a new way to absorb minerals into the body: nano particles.  These are ultrafine particles contained in a liquid medium.  They are small enough to pass through the mucous membrane and even the blood-brain barrier, making them the optimum form of mineral supplementation. They have a much higher rate of absorption, increasing effectiveness, as they deliver particles directly into the bloodstream and are utilized immediately.

While Nano technology is new, our ancient ancestors were drinking consuming minerals – especially precious ones – over 5000 years ago, for health and spiritual benefits. Usually, they were consumed in the form of colloidal minerals, tiny particles of the metals suspended in water. Sometimes these occur naturally. The Native Americans used clay as a medicine, this may sound strange today, but the clay naturally contained tiny particles of minerals. The Ancient Egyptians would drink elixirs of liquid gold to boost life force and raise their vibration. The Ancient Chinese and Mayans regularly included gold in their diet, believing it strengthened the body and cured a range of ailments. In medieval England, gold water was used to treat arthritis and joint pain. Gold has also been used for thousands of years in ceremonial and religious practices to access a higher state of consciousness.

Gold is a staple in Ayurveda medicine and it was often administered in the form of Nano particles known as “gold ash”. The medicinal use of gold dust in ayurvedic medicine was recorded in 2500BC and modern science is only just catching up. Gold ash would be administered alongside different herbs with the belief that gold enhanced each herbs potency and therapeutic effects.

In the past, Indian parents would give children gold ash mixed with honey, to boost their immune system and increase intelligence. Today nano-gold supplements can be used.  Although swallowing gold particles might sound like the latest nouveau rich trend, there is some pretty solid science behind it. For example, studies have already shown that Nano-gold selectively kills cancer cells in mice, leaving healthy cells intact.

Colloidal silver is probably the most well-known colloid and has also been used for thousands of years. Its use as a bactericide has been known for at least 1200 years and, before the creation of antibiotics, it was used widely in hospitals to prevent infections and promote healing. Today modern medicine utilises silvers healing abilities in the form of antibiotic gels, plasters and creams. It possesses powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. The ancient Greeks and Romans stored liquids in silver vessels to ensure freshness and keep it safe from bacteria and algae.  Silver has long been associated with spiritual purification, it is no coincidence that silver-bullets are said to kill vampires!

Platinum is hailed for its restorative properties. It promotes the repair of DNA cells and can reverse degenerative conditions. Platinum-based drugs, commonly referred to as platins or platinum therapy, are used to treat over half of cancer patients. Platinum compounds alter the DNA of cancer cells and cause programmed cell death, leaving healthy cells intact. Drinking colloidal platinum can benefit you by improving memory, regenerating the thymus and endocrine system, repairing DNA, boosting energy and creativity, enhancing learning abilities and to control spasms. In traditional homoeopathy, platinum is regarded as a female element and is used to treat amenorrhea, menstrual disorders and STDS.

Recent studies have indicated that deficiencies in minerals and vitamins may be the underlying cause for many mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. In the past, humans obtained minerals from plants which absorbed them from the soil and from drinking fresh water. However, over-farming has depleted soil of naturally occurring minerals and tap water contains little to no mineral content. Because of this, it is important to keep our bodies in balance and restore our reserves.

Iron deficiency is a common but easily fixed problem. A deficiency in iron can present itself through hair loss, chronic fatigue, frequent infections, intolerance to cold, paleness, mouth ulcers, restless legs and headaches. Unfortunately, iron supplements have the highest reported side effects, typically stomach upset and disturbances to the intestinal flora. By drinking colloidal iron, you bypass the digestive system and therefore the associated side effects. It is particularly recommended that vegetarians, women with heavy periods and pregnant women increase their iron uptake.

Despite the masses believing that calcium is the most important mineral for bone health, it is, in fact, magnesium. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 critical biochemical reactions in the body, its importance can’t be overstated. It relaxes muscles, reduces cramping, supports digestive health, balances stomach acid, supports a healthy sleep cycle, reduces stress, irritability and improves mood.

We stock nano suspensions of silver, gold, platinum, magnesium and iron. We believe this is the best way to experience the healing benefits of these substances that were highly prized by ancient people.

They are available in our store in Brixton or online, you can speak one of our employees in person or with an expert through our online shop to determine what dosage you should take.

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