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Noni Juice: Not For The Faint Hearted



Noni Juice: Not For The Faint Hearted

The Noni is a strange looking fruit that grows across the world in tropical climates. Wild Noni plants prefer mineral-rich soil and it is commonly found growing near lava flows. A staple in ayurvedic medicine, it possesses powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. The super-fruit boosts your immune system and promotes general well-being.

For those who have experienced the Noni first hand, its foul taste will be something they carry with them forever. An alienesque fruit that does not appear to be from this planet, it is certainly one of, if not the, most revolting fruits mother nature has come up with. Imagine pouring some prune juice over a block of goat’s cheese and leaving it in the sun for a couple of days, that’s what Noni tastes like. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted, the stench alone would send most people running! But those who manage to bypass all the senses’ warning signals and consume the Noni, shall reap the promised health benefits.

The fruit is brimming with minerals and vitamins. It contains magnesium, iron, potassium, selenium, zinc, copper, sulphur and vitamin C. It also contains polysaccharides, which enhance white blood cell efficiency, boost immune functions and have been found to possess anti-tumour and anti-cancer effects. In fact, the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health has stated that Noni juice has tumour fighting and immune-stimulating properties and have begun funding more research into the fruit as a treatment for breast cancer.

The Noni is the most abundant source of proxeronine, containing 40x more than its primary competitor, the pineapple. Proxeronine is converted by the body into xeronine, an alkaloid that works at a cellular level to repair damaged cells and strengthen the structure of the proteins in our cells. Scientists believe this is compound is behind its incredible immune-supporting abilities and why there is such a broad range of health benefits attributed to the Noni.

As with so many of the plants we research, ancient people already knew what modern scientists are discovering. The Noni fruit has been used medicinally for over 2000 years. Early Polynesians migrating to new lands would take sacred plants with them, including the Noni, that they considered a necessity they couldn’t live without. It is believed that the Noni originated in Polynesia, but was spread throughout the world by migration. During WWII, the native Polynesians taught soldiers stationed there to eat the Noni to boost their strength and energy. The Noni fruit is even mentioned by Captain Cook in his journals, where he noted its use by the natives for nutritional and medicinal benefits. Ancient native Hawaiians declared it their sacred fruit.

Although you would never have guessed it, the Noni actually belongs to the same family as the coffee tree. It does not contain caffeine, but still boosts energy levels and can be used as an alternative to your morning coffee (drinking a shot of Noni will definitely put you in a fearless mood!). Lack of energy is often a symptom of an overburdened immune system, not only will Noni increase your energy but it will fight the root issue. As a potent anti-viral, it keeps nasty illnesses at bay and reduces fever, body aches and coughs, making it particularly beneficial in warding off winter colds and flu. It also contains vitamin C, which is hailed for its abilities to fight off colds and give you a speedy recovery. Add it to a ginger, honey and lemon tea to soothe sore throats and coughs.

Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by a build-up of uric acid that crystallizes in the joints, resulting in pain and loss of mobility. Noni breaks down uric acid, reducing the symptoms of gout. When treating gout, it is important to flush the body with plenty of fluids, lime water is found to be particularly effective. There are over 140 types of arthritis, and Noni can help relieve symptoms and associated pain in all of them. Noni enhances blood circulation, which promotes a healthy heart by keeping your blood pressure in check and maintaining oxygen levels. Proper flow of blood is essential since red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells, boosting cell health, vitality and energy levels.

The largest organ in your body, the skin, also benefits from the healing power of the Noni. You may apply the juice topically or use internally for a glow from within. Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by Noni juice for clear, youthful skin. Packed with anti-oxidants, it neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals. The combination of selenium and vitamin C are the perfect power couple to fight ageing. Noni also inhibits a histamine response, making it perfect in treating rashes or hives. Use it topically for breakouts, sunburn and to speed up wound healing time (do not apply to open wounds). When applied topically it will calm redness and disinfect the skin, but make sure to dilute it, for use on the face two teaspoons to a cup of water is recommended.

To boost immune function, drink 50ml every day, first thing on an empty stomach. Adding it to fresh pineapple juice will neutralize the taste very well and make it much easier to drink. If you are sick, then triple the dose and drink 150ml daily. Noni juice has no know severe drug interactions but it is worth checking with your doctor if you are on medication. Noni juice is available in our shop in Brixton and we will soon be adding it to our online store. We recommend it for many conditions, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about the taste!

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