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Natural Cancer Killers: Why Are They Not Being Tested on Humans?



Natural Cancer Killers: Why Are They Not Being Tested on Humans?

Everybody knows about the devastating side-effects that cancer treatments have. Chemotherapy drugs often work by preventing cells from dividing (this is how new cells are created). However, they are not able to specifically target cancer cells, all types of cells are affected. This is why people lose their hair, necessary cells are unable to divide. That is just an outward side-effect, but having your cell multiplication paralysed in this way leads to problems throughout the entire body. This is why people feel so terrible during treatment, and many die from the treatment alone.  With this in mind, we can see that there is a desperate need to find new treatments. 

What if there was a substance that worked on a genetic level? Reprograming the DNA of cancer cells so that they self-destruct while leaving normal cells intact? That may sound like something from a science fiction movie, or at least the cutting edge of scientific research, but it already exists right now in the natural world. The substance Thymoquinone found in black cumin seed (“Nigella Sativa”) has this property. It seems truly remarkable that something exists with this property, almost like it was put there just to heal us. In fact, this is just one of the incredible effects of this substance, said by ancient people to “cure everything but death”. You can read our full article about it here.

However, these studies have only been carried out in a laboratory environment. There have been no human studies to ascertain if people who take black seed are less likely to get cancer. It has been studied as an add-on treatment to certain chemo drug, and seemed to improve it – but other than that we can find very little data regarding humans. Given the properties of this substance and the terrible side-effects of existing cancer treatments, you would think the whole world would be talking about it. But most people have not even heard of it!

Another drug with incredible cancer-fighting properties is Moringa. It is another substance prized by ancient people, that scientists are studying -with incredible results. Researches have cultivated cancer cells in a lab and found that Moringa killed them. We have found studies with amazing results many different types of cancer cells including the ones that cause: breast, ovarian cells, lung, pancreatic, liver, colon cancer – and leukaemia. 

As with black cumin seed’s Thmoquinone, Moringa does not appear to damage ordinary cells Again you would think there would be a flurry of research interest. But as of yet, there has been no sign of the World Health Organisation telling people to take Moringa! Again, there have been no human studies – so there is no data available to shed light on what happens to people who take Moringa – are they less likely to get certain diseases? 

A fascinating property of Moringa can be found when we look into oxidative stress. This is the process where DNA becomes damaged which can lead to many conditions including cancer. Pollution, radiation, food additives, and other environmental toxins contain free-radicals. These are unstable molecules that are missing an electron. This makes them highly reactive as they attempt to “steal” an electron from any cells they can react with (including the cells in our body).  This causes DNA to be damaged (oxidative stress). Part of the reason substances like Black Cumin Seed and Moringa are beneficial is that they contain anti-oxidants. These are molecules which react with the free-radicals, “donating” an electron to them so that they are no-longer unstable and reactive.

Where this gets really interesting is that in one lung-cancer study, the authors concluded that Moringa killed cancer cells by causing this oxidative stress to them. So effectively it attacks cancer cells and protects normal cells in the same manner! Some of the black seed oil studies show a parallel. It has a DNA protective effect on normal cells but alters the DNA of cancer cells in a way that causes them to die. 

It is almost as if these natural substances possess intelligence. Instead of the sledge-hammer effect of chemotherapy, these seem to work in harmony with the body, killing cancer cells but leaving ordinary ones intact. So why no human studies?

A clue can be found by looking at one of the Moringa studies, which found that Moringa killed 70% -90% of breast cancer and colorectal cancer cells. In concluding the authors state: 

“These findings suggest that both the leaf and bark extracts of Moringa collected from the Saudi Arabian region possess anti-cancer activity that can be used to develop new drugs.”

Similar conclusions are found in most of the Moringa and Black Cumin Seed studies. So they are not doing this research to find out what is good for us, they are trying to develop new drugs. That’s where the money is! And in today’s world, medicine and science have been corrupted by the pursuit of this cold hard cash.

Let’s take a look at Taxol. The blockbuster cancer drug of all blockbuster cancer drugs. It has made over $7 billion so far and brings in a whopping $1.5 billion a month. It was discovered in the bark of the Yew Tree. This led to a frenzy to make as much of the stuff as possible. The bark cannot be removed from the Yew tree without killing the trees, and there is only a tiny concentration of Taxol,  so a lot of trees have to be killed. So many of those beautiful, noble Yew trees were chainsawed-down, that they were in danger of being wiped out completely. It was only pressure from environmentalists that forced the drug companies to find a different way to produce the substance.

The side-effects of Taxol are absolutely brutal. Losing your hair is just the start. You can experience: lowered blood cell count putting you at risk of infection, pain throughout the body, numbness in the hands, vomiting, diarrhoea and more. It also kills. In fact, it is so deadly that one study had to be abandoned because 13% of the participants were killed by its toxic effects. 

With all that environmental destruction, pain, and death, you would hope that at least the drug is effective for fighting cancer. But studies show, it only increases the survival rate by around 10%. But the good news – for the people who make it at least – that it brings in a juicy $1.5 billion. That’s 1.5 thousand million. Imagine if somebody gave you a million pounds. Then imagine that happened 1500 times. Every month. Now we can see the real reason why scientists are interested in Moringa and Black Seed Oil. The good news for us is, by reading their research we get to learn something about these remarkable substances. 

So to make money from a natural substance which is freely available, you need to be able to extract a certain substance from it. Should we be tampering with nature in this way anyway? Extracting a single substance from a plant may be good for business, but is it good for us? Let’s look at a couple of examples. Coca leaves help with altitude sickness and produces the energy needed by people walking in the mountainous terrain where they are found. They are also used medicinally, treating pain, digestive problem, colds and asthma. On the other hand, cocaine, which is extracted from coca leaves causes addiction, death, and destruction of entire communities. The commonly used pain-killer aspirin’s active ingredient is salicylic acid. It was originally discovered in the willow leaf, which has thousands of years traditional use dating back to Ancient Egypt and beyond. Aspirin attacks the stomach lining, and has been shown to kill 3000 people a year in the UK alone! There are no reported overdoses from willow-leaf, even though it shares the same properties. Salicyclic acid also occurs in many fruits and vegetables, and people who eat a lot of them have high levels in their blood. However, the naturally occurring salicylic acid does not lead to the same health problems associated with aspirin! It is thought that is because the fruits and vegetables contain other substances that protect the stomach. Nature often has a subtle balance like this, it is destroyed when a single substance is extracted.

There is evidence that synthetically extracted substances do not perform as well as natural ones, and sometimes even cause harm. For example, in the book “How Not To Die”, Michael Gregor and Gene Stone look at studies into pilots who are at risk of high-oxidative stress due to the regular exposure to radiation that comes from flying. They found that those who got anti-oxidants like from their diets had less DNA damage, but those who took a vitamin C supplement had more.  There is also evidence that vitamin D from tablets, does not have the same benefits as Vitamin D produced by the body interacting with the sun. 

The reason there are no human clinical trials for natural remedies is the huge cost involved in such trials. To show that a drug can cure a disease, a randomised clinical trial (RCT) is needed. These can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, with no money to be made from natural treatments there is no incentive to run RCTs. 

So even if Moringa or Black Seed cures cancer, it is unlikely that we will ever be able to say so without running into legal trouble – because the human studies will never be done. 

The “lack of scientific evidence” is how the mainstream media and medical establishment discredit natural remedies. But in most cases, there will never be evidence because the money is not there. It is like a club where the doorman will not let you in without a membership card, but the membership card costs around 5 million dollars. 

We can see this playing out right now with Covid-Organics, the herbal medicine that the Madagascan government is using to treat Covid-19 which many African countries are adopting. The WHO and mainstream media are repeatedly pointing out that there is “no scientific evidence” and saying the herbal treatment may be dangerous (even though its active ingredient has been used for centuries without health problems). The WHO even paid Google to take out adverts that appear when people in African countries searched for the herbal remedy. The adverts warned African people not to take herbal treatments that do not have scientific evidence. But very few herbal treatments do have this evidence for the reasons explained above. If these herbal treatments really are effective it will mean the pharmaceutical industry will lose billions and billions of dollars – we believe they will do anything to prevent that. 

Without human studies, we cannot say that Black Cumin Seed or Moringa cures or prevents cancer. But because of the remarkable, scientifically-verified properties of these substances, and the lack of side effects, many people choose to take them. The nutrient content alone is reason enough. 

We believe that nature knows best. The natural world provides us with plenty of plants that hold the vitamins and minerals we need in a subtle balance that we have yet to understand. Extracting substances so they can be synthesised and sold for profit has a corrupting effecting on the nutrients, in the same way that money corrupts the medical and scientific establishment. We are not against supplements completely as we have found they can help in certain cases. But generally, we recommend people to get their vitamins and minerals from natural sources. 

In this day and age, it is difficult to find the correct information regarding what harms us and what heals us, because mainstream sources are increasingly corrupted by corporate interests. But we must educate ourselves, and return to nature as much as possible for our healing. It is being revealed that many of the diseases that plague modern humanity are caused by poor diet: not eating the things we are designed to eat. Prevention is better than cure so we recommend you study nutrition as much as possible. 

Recommended Reading

“How Not To Die” by Michal Gregor and Gene Stone
“Nature’s Pharmacy” by Pamela Duff
“Alkaline Herbal Medicine: Reverse Disease and Heal the Electric Body” by Aqiyl Aniys
“Life-Changing Foods” by Anthony Williams
“Chris Beat Cancer” by Chris Wark


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