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The World Inside You: Protect Your Microflora with Probiotics



The World Inside You: Protect Your Microflora with Probiotics

The World Inside You

Bacteria have a bad reputation. People are desperately trying to avoid them at all costs, keeping their houses and bodies sterile using various chemicals. In these days of rampant hand-sanitizing, bacteria are not having a very good time.

Microflora, Probiotics

But without bacteria, we wouldn’t be here today. The human body only survives thanks to a beautiful symbiotic relationship it has with the billions of micro-organisms that live inside it. Billions is an understatement, an estimated 14 trillion useful bacteria are living inside of you, 1400 times the number of human beings on the planet. In fact, there are more microorganisms in your body than there are human cells. So, you can never feel lonely!

This microflora balance plays an essential role in digestion, but it does much more than that. Many of your vital systems depend on your army of helpful bacteria. Research shows it is connected to immunity, the central nervous system, mood regulation and more.  

Modern science is finally starting to realise the holistic nature of the human body, there are no closed systems – it is all connected. The ancient Egyptian, Indian and Chinese traditions all understood that the gut was the foundation of health. Now modern research into bacteria is illustrating this beautifully. It is not so surprising that bacteria plays such a big role, more than half your body is made up of these tiny living entities.

Today, our vital microflora are not holding up so well. Pollution, smoking, alcohol, food additives and processed diets are creating a hostile environment for your helpful bacteria. Comparing mummified remains with modern humans shows how we are lacking in many important micro-organisms. Babies born in hospitals are more prone to certain infections because they were not exposed to the necessary bacteria (normally they enter the mouth shortly after birth and find their way to the digestive system). The widespread use of antibiotics – which kill good and bad bacteria indiscriminately – has also wreaked havoc on our inner worlds.

If your inner world is under attack, your body cannot function properly. In the same way as the earth will not survive if we continue to damage and pollute it. This brings to mind the saying, “As above, so below.”. The Earth needs trees, our bodies need bacteria. When the balance of any system is disrupted, dysfunction is inevitable. 

Bacteria And Digestion

Most of what you need to survive enters your body through your mouth, and your body works in an incredibly sophisticated way to extract the thousands of different nutrients it needs. Even the thought of food will start the process, with your salivary glands activating to create the enzymes and lubricants needed to prepare the food for your stomach. Once the stomach acid has broken down the food, it embarks on a long journey through your intestines: 23 feet of folded tubes covered in thousands of tiny finger-like, nutrient-absorbing villi, giving the total surface area of a football field! This is the place where most of the nutrients are absorbed, and it is home to much of the microflora.

Your inner world of helpful bacteria has many important roles in the digestive process. They consume indigestible matter and produce substances that are essential for the body. One way to think of your good bacteria is as little soldiers equipped to fight the bad bacteria, and they fight them in many ways. Firstly, they take up space to prevent harmful bacteria from growing. They produce acids that lower the PH, so harmful bacteria cannot survive. They produce other bad-bacteria killing substances, and even sometimes directly attack and “strangle” the intruders.

The Bigger Picture

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The trillions of micro-organisms inside you are involved in much more than digestion. Some of the most interesting research with bacteria is in the field of immunity. The human immune system is extremely complex, with many different types of cells performing different vital functions to protect the body from pathogens. Research has shown that microflora plays a crucial role in the development and activation of many different aspects of the immune system, including Antigen Presenting Cells, Neutrophils, and Natural Killer cells. This was verified by raising animals in a completely germ-free environment and examining the different types of cells in their immune systems. The link between the microflora and immune system is so strong that it has led to an entirely new form of vaccine research.

Another fascinating area of research is the link between our gut bacteria and our brains. Abnormal gut bacteria levels have been linked to anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Supplementing with certain microflora strains has been shown to improve symptoms in anxiety and depression. There is even research that suggests certain microflora can prevent chronic pain and help people who have become addicted to pharmaceutical painkillers.

It is also becoming clear that microflora plays a role in preventing auto-immune diseases and allergies. All of this research shows that a correct balance of microflora is essential for healthy living. So, what can we do to ensure make sure our inner world is fully functioning?

Protecting Your Inner World

Many ancient systems of medicine did not differentiate between food and medicine. They understood that what we take into our body determine our health. These days, doctors are given very little training in nutrition and, if you visit your GP, you will most likely be given some pills. But for many conditions, a change of diet can have better results.

To boost your microflora, it is recommended to consume fermented foods like Yogurts and Sauerkraut. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and processed foods.

After carrying out much research, we chose to stock the Probiotic Supplement that we believe has the best microflora profile. Some brands try to maximise the number of cultures, but VitaBiosa selects 8 strains of bacteria that have a solid history and research base. The product also contains 19 Fermented Herbs which include many of our favourites when it comes to promoting digestion.  

You can buy VitaBiosa online, or visit our shop in Brixton for a free consultation. 

Questions And Answers

Should you take a probiotic every day?

Yes, probiotic supplements work best if you take them regularly. Probiotics contain natural organisms that work with your digestive system, they are not medicines. If you take them regularly, you build up the helpful microflora which research suggests will promote digestion, immunity, mental health and general wellbeing.

Which are probiotic foods?

Probiotic foods are anything that has been fermented (this is where bacteria have broken down the food to create new substances). Some popular examples are:|

Yoghurt / Kefir
Sauerkraut (unpasteurised)
Miso Soup

What is the best probiotic to use?

There are thousands of species of helpful bacteria living in the human gut. Some are better known and well-researched than others. Some probiotic supplements have many different strains, some focus on a view. VitaBiosa probiotic supplements contain 8 strains that have been shown to help the human digestive system, central nervous system, and immune system. 

What happens when you start taking probiotics?

Probiotics start working right away, but it will probably take a week to feel noticeable effects as the bacteria need time to grow in your body. People report improved digestive function, energy, mood and reduce allergies and other issues. It is recommended to take probiotics every day for best results.

What health benefits can I expect from taking probiotics?

The link between the beneficial bacteria balance in your gut and health is very significant. Almost every aspect of the body is affected. Research has shown that probiotics can help with many different medical problems, including arthritis, anxiety & depression, constipation, diarrhoea, allergies and more.

The modern world has become very toxic to our microflora, by correcting the balance with probiotics you may notice many health benefits. People generally report feeling more energised, happier, with better digestion.

Each person is unique and may get a different effect from Probiotics.

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