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Your DNA is under attack! Fight back with black seed oil, Moringa, Tumeric and Grapeseed



Your DNA is under attack! Fight back with black seed oil, Moringa, Tumeric and Grapeseed

This article describes our top five herbs for protecting and restoring your DNA: Black Cumin Seed, Moringa, Turmeric and Grape Seed.

It is hard to think of anything more fascinating than DNA. It is the code of life, the set of instructions that created the mind-bogglingly complicated, interconnected components that make up the body you are sitting in right now. Your lungs that fill your blood with oxygen, your beating heart, your eyes which are perceiving these words… all of this is made up of billions of cells that were created from DNA instructions. 

For some reason, when it comes to health, DNA is not often discussed. We have all heard of the new covid vaccines, which use modified genetic material to trick your cells into producing foreign proteins to trigger an immune system response. But what about the natural functioning of DNA that all of our bodily systems rely on? For the body to function, new cells must constantly be created and old ones die, it is DNA that is responsible for this. Problems with DNA create untold problems in the body. For example, cancer cells have genetic errors that cause them to never die and just keep on replicating. 

It isn’t just cancer, so many health problems come from DNA damage. In fact, it is responsible for many of the diseases wreaking untold death and misery on humanity right now. Examples include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. While genetics is an incredibly advanced subject, it does not take a PHD to understand that, if the instructions are damaged, the body cannot produce what it needs to survive. 

How does DNA get damaged? You may have heard of free radicals. These are oxygen molecules that have split, losing an electron. In this state, they can easily react with any cells in your body, effectively “stealing” an electron and inflicting DNA damage in the process.

These dangerous molecules are often born of our tampering with the natural world. Air pollution, tobacco smoke, processed foods and additives, alcohol, and even EMF radiation are sources of DNA-damaging free radicals. Humanity, by failing to understand our most fundamental biology, has created a world that is largely toxic to it.

How can we protect our DNA from the harmful influences of the modern world? As we have said in many articles, health problems come from our separation from nature, and by returning to it (in the form of natural medicine) we can find solutions. The natural world provides a great many plants that protect and restore our DNA in ways that modern science is only beginning to understand.  

You may also have heard of anti-oxidants. These are molecules that interact with free radicals, providing them with the electron they need before they scavenge it from one of your body’s cells. Probably the most widely known antioxidant is vitamin C, but there are thousands of others. All of the four, DNA protecting, herbs in this article are rich in antioxidants. 

Black Cumin Seed

Best consumed in the form of an oil, black cumin seed is one of the world’s most powerful healing herbs. It has been used extensively by many ancient cultures and in recent decades, scientists have demonstrated that is effective for a staggering number of health conditions. Many people take it daily for to its anti-ageing and wellness promoting effects.  You can read more black seed oil here, or visit our blog where it features in a number of articles. 

One of the reasons for Black Cumin seeds remarkable healing power is that it is rich in anti-oxidants which, as we have explained, prevent free radicals from damaging the DNA of your cells. 

Black cumin seed also contains compounds that actively work at a genetic level, including thymoquinone (TQ). TQ has been shown to reprogram cancer cells to shut down and seems to support the telomeres (parts of the DNA strand that prevent instructions from being damaged).  Researches have suggested this could explain black cumin seed’s anti-ageing effects since shortened telomeres are associated with ageing.   

It seems miraculous that there exists a plant that can heal us on a genetic level. And it is. We are surrounded by miracles, but the darkness of today’s world makes us sometimes forget this. Nature provides us with so much, instead of trying to twist it to our own ends, all we need to do is receive its gifts with gratitude. 


People spend billions on cosmetics to try and make themselves look younger. Meanwhile, we are bombarded with pollutants that cause us to age prematurely, including those found in the cosmetics themselves! There is no need to drain your bank account and vitality with syntenic chemicals when nature provides miracles like Moringa.  The oil pressed from the seeds of the Moringa plant has long been known for its healing and anti-ageing effect. It was so prized by ancient Egyptian Royalty that it was discovered in the tombs of pharaohs. 

Now, we finally understand how it works. Moringa Oil is full of antioxidants that protect the skin from DNA damage. The ancient Egyptians had to deal with extremely hot weather and frequent sandstorms, but today we are bombarded with a concoction of syntenic pollutants, so we probably need it more than they did! Some people are sensitive to pure moringa oil, so we also sell it combined with several skin-healing ingredients as part of our ancient healing cream

The wonderful moringa plant offers much more than just oil. The leaves are arguably the most nutrient-dense substance on the planet and are also packed with anti-oxidants. If you would like to know more, please check out our Moringa article.  


These days, tumeric is mostly known as a spice to cook with, but thousands of years of history show us it is much more than that. Sadly, many of the most potent healers of the ancient world have been reduced to mere ingredients. Even worse, they have been robbed of their power by inorganic farming or genetic modification. But if you can get hold of some proper organic turmeric, it may just save your life! 

Much modern research into Tumeric focuses on the cancer-fighting ability of its active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant, so it protects cells’ DNA. It is also an anti-inflammatory, which is important as chronic inflammation can cause cancer by damaging the DNA. Research has also shown curcumin can induce tumour-suppressing gene and program cancer cells into self-destructing! Like Black Cumin Seed, Tumeric works on a genetic level in a way that we are only starting to understand. This may explain why it has shown promise for so many conditions associated with DNA damage, like cancer, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Grape Seed

Grapes are one of the most popular fruits, but many people today spit out the seeds or, even worse, consume grapes that have been bred to be seedless. Like with so many things in modern society, the most important element is discarded! Most people do not realise that grape seed has a long history as a healer, and recent scientific evidence shows that it is another compound that protects us on a genetic level. 

Research has shown that Grape seed’s anti-oxidant effect stops our cells from being damaged. This explains why positive results have been found with many conditions including premature ageing, skin complaints, cancer and heart disease. While grape seed prevents unstable oxygen molecules from damaging normal cells, fascinatingly, it appears to be able to inflict a similar form of damage on cancer cells! We have written before about natural cancer killers that leave normal cells intact, and we desperately need more research on these due to the brutal effects of chemo drugs. 

As we have explained, free radicals are created when we bring the natural world out of balance. The same thing occurs in the human body when people become overweight, fat is pushed into areas where it shouldn’t be, and DNA is damaged. This is why being overweight is associated with so many health problems.  Research with grape seed extracts shows that it mitigates some of the negative effects of being overweight (such as heart disease) by protecting the DNA. 

Stay Protected 

The natural world is an immensely complex system, with each part playing a subtle but essential role in the operation of the whole. By interfering with it, we create an environment that is toxic to our bodies most fundamental aspect – the DNA. The human body itself is a microcosm of the natural world, and if we abuse it with processed food, alcohol or cosmetics, the balance is disrupted and damage becomes likely. We strongly recommend thinking about your DNA and what you can do to keep it protected!

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