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Benefits of Violet (Organic)


We mostly value this flower for its beauty, but it also has incredible healing properties that have been known for thousands of years. It is both associated with the physical heart and the emotional one!  Violets captivated the Ancient Greeks, appearing in many of the myths, especially in relation to love and romance. They even wore violet crowns to cure insomnia, promote sleep and serenity, and stimulate pleasant dreams.

This plant’s traditional uses were numerous; also known as “hearts-ease,” it was said to “comfort and strengthen the heart” and was frequently prescribed for emotional upset. Its most well-known application was as a cough syrup, with early European recipes describing how the blossoms were used to make cough medicine. It was also used as a sedative and laxative.

Violet contains salicylic acid, which is like a natural version of aspirin. It acts as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. This can also reduce painful joint inflammation, thus alleviating rheumatic pain. The aspirin-like properties also make this herb useful for managing flu symptoms, it promotes sweating and can reduce fever. 

Violent also contains Rutin, which has received a lot of research attention. It has been shown to help with blood circulation as well as to strengthen and increase the flexibility of blood vessels. Rutin has also been shown in studies to help prevent blood clots, lowering the risk of heart attacks and strokes.



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