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theGoodGuru – Vegan Protein – Wild Berries (500g)

Benefits of theGoodGuru – Vegan Protein – Wild Berries (500g)


Our Wild Berry contains flavouring of Forest Fruits, Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla, so if you can’t decide between our delicious flavours then go wild with our mix of Wild Berries.

Our Wild Berry High Plant Protein powder contains a competitive 25.72g of protein per 40g serving. There are no added sugars, has a low carb content, (virtually no sugar from carbs) and only 156 calories. Dairy free, gluten free, preservative, colour and additive free.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and even those who are non-vegan will find this an excellent choice due to its complete amino acid profile. Our wholesome pea protein is by far one of the best sources of vegan protein to boot. We use non-GMO ingredients, and handpick only the finest from around the world.

Strawberry powder is a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants all of which promote muscle growth. Strawberries are a great addition to any healthy eating food plan or weight loss programme, they have a very low Glycemic Load (GL) which means they have much less sugar than any other fruit and a low GI (Glycemic Index) means they won’t spike your blood sugar, great news for diabetics. The insoluble fibre in strawberries will help you feel fuller for longer and prevent food cravings.

Montmorency Cherry extract has been added to help the recovery of muscles after exercise and improve muscle strength in those taking part in high intensity exercise.

You may be wondering what business beetroot powder has in our Wild Berry flavour? Like all of our powders, beetroot has been dehydrated and made into powder form, which preserves all its nutrients. Beetroot aids in weight loss and can help with metabolic syndrome and associated metabolic issues.

Beetroot has the ability to increase endurance in athletes. It is a nitrate rich food that can improve stamina and help you achieve your goals physically whether its running, bodybuilding, cross-fit or any other type of sport that needs your overall best.

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