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theGoodGuru – Vegan Protein – Mint Chocolate (500g)

Benefits of theGoodGuru – Vegan Protein – Mint Chocolate (500g)


Why choose our Vegan Mint Chocolate Protein powder?

Our Mint Chocolate High Plant Protein powder contains a whopping 26.9g of protein per 40g serving. There are no added sugars, has a low carb content, (virtually no sugar from carbs) and only 142 calories. Dairy free, gluten free, preservative, colour and additive free.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and even those who are non-vegan will find this an excellent choice due to its complete amino acid profile. Our wholesome pea protein is by far one of the best sources of vegan protein to boot.

We use non-GMO ingredients, and handpick only the finest from around the world. Our Mint Chocolate flavour has been formulated by our team of chemists to produce a taste that will challenge even the most experienced vanilla connoisseur. With the natural flavouring of Mint, you are sure to taste the real thing.

At only 142 calories and 70% of those coming from pure protein at 26.9g you are sure to be getting the maximum out of your shake to build lean muscle. More muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate, which means that you burn more calories after your workout, win, win.

We have added Tart Cherry Extract which has a unique nutrient profile comparative to the regular cherry. It has an abundance of benefits specifically with exercise. It improves performance output during exercise, reduces muscle soreness and improves the recovery of muscle strength in those that do high intensity exercise (HIT training for example).Tart cherry reduces inflammation and is a natural source of antioxidants; aids in digestion and if you suffer from diabetes it has properties which stabilise glucose levels. The cherry effects testosterone levels which is beneficial for men with regards to exercising and lifts libido!

Tart cherry extract naturally contains melatonin and after regular use can help achieve better sleep patterns giving you more energy during the day, but don’t worry, it won’t make you doze off during your barbell squat!

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