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Soursop Leaf 10g


Benefits of Soursop Leaf 10g


Graviola, or soursop, is a tropical fruit that can be found in both Central and South America, as well as in some regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. Throughout history, traditional medicine practitioners have made use of the soursop tree’s leaves for their curative properties. The Aztecs believed that the healing properties of the fruit and the leaves could cure a variety of ailments.

Tannins and flavonoids, two components of sour sop leaves, are powerful antioxidants that also reduce inflammation, which is a root cause of many chronic diseases
Soursop leaves contain acetogenins, a type of chemical that has been demonstrated to have anti-cancer activities in animal studies. Acetogenins prevent cancer cells from multiplying and hasten their demise.

Researchers have discovered that the hypoglycemic characteristics of sour sop leaves aid to reduce blood sugar levels. This occurs as a result of several bioactive chemicals present, all of which play a role in controlling glucose metabolism.

Compounds like ascorbic acid and beta-carotene found in sour sop leaves have been shown to have beneficial effects on the immune system. These chemicals aid in immune system function and defence against sickness and infection.

The soursop leaf may also help with lung health, skin health, stress reduction, and digestion. The bioactive chemicals found in soursop leaves have been shown to have beneficial impacts on several physiological systems. However, more study is required to verify these advantages and uncover their underlying mechanisms.

-Regulate blood sugar
– immunity

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