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SOS Essentials – SOS Advance

Benefits of SOS Essentials – SOS Advance


SOS Advance is a ‘Blood Wash’ which is a Natural Organic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal , antiparasitic, non-toxic, carcinogen-free solution. We have testimonials from individuals with a range of ailments including; blood disorders, diabetes, blood pressure, growths, tumours, parasites, candida, skin complaints, Arthritis, Digestive and Immune problems.

SOS Advance has a pH of 10.5, which is ideal for alkalising the body. Our testimonials show that SOS Advance has been effective for a wide range of ailments. The SOS Advance formulation represents a significant leap in a botanical elixir’s ability to deliver to your body natural and powerful ingredients, achieved with the latest nano-technology for rapid and effective results.

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