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Rue Herb 50g

Benefits of Rue Herb 50g


Rue has a long history of medical usage and has been employed by a wide variety of cultures. Rue was utilized by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to treat a wide range of illnesses. The herb was widely utilized as a treatment for a variety of conditions, including digestive problems, headaches, and menstrual cramps, due to the widespread acceptance of its protecting and healing powers.

Rue was commonly employed as a charm throughout the Middle Ages to ward off the plague and protect against evil spirits. Herbalists also employed it to cure a wide variety of ailments, such as coughs, toothaches, and even eye infections.

Today, scientists have shed light on why Rue was considered such a powerful healing herb.

Rue has anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking properties, which may make it an effective analgesic. It may help to regulate menstrual periods and alleviate the associated pain and discomfort.

Rue may aid digestion and lessen gastrointestinal symptoms due to its purported ability to stimulate the digestive system.

Rue is thought to have expectorant characteristics, which may aid in the promotion of mucus ejection from the respiratory tract and an improvement in breathing.

It is also an insect repellent, a skin soother, and a natural treatment for mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Rue can be toxic, so care needs to be taken with the dosage. You are welcome to come in for a free consultation to see if Rue is right for you.

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