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Benefits of Osanyin BELIDOWN



  • Healthy Weight Loss
  • Belly Fat Bunner
  • Tommy Trimmer
  • Support balanced cortisol levels

Belly Fat Burner Pills
This supplement is specially formulated to support balanced cortisol levels in the body. It helps the body to cope with stress and to deal with many consequences linked to abdominal fat. Belidown is the best weight loss pill for belly fat. 100% Natural supplement to burn belly fat.


Get a good 7 – 9 hours’ sleep before your cleanse.
Do not eat any meat, fish, poultry, snail or animal products; also do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarette, or use other recreational drugs for 24 hours before your cleanse.
Your last meal should be at least 12 hours before your cleanse and this should be a lite meal.

If you feel nauseated while cleansing, put a hand fan to you face or sit in front of a standing fan and breathe slowly ,Soaking in warm water bath would help to ease any cramps,

Do light exercise or stay very active to activate the cleanse faster but PLEASE STAY CLOSE TO YOU HOME. Without exercise it could take anywhere between 1-many hrs before the cleansing kicks in. Depending on the intensity of your workout you bowel movement could start within 45mins.

Take mouthfuls of your juice or water as needed until your bowel movement.


For the first 10 days after cleansing with the ATUNBI colon cleanse, eat very healthy.

You diet should consist of a Lot of fruits and green vegetables (preferably those that are very high in alkaline and antioxidants).

Stay off animal products for 10 days after your cleanse This will turbo charge your immune system. Remember your system is so clean that anything you put into it at this point can be an elixir of wellness and life or it can poison you a little faster.

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Weight 200 g
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