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Organic Black Sesame Seeds Infinity Foods

Benefits of Organic Black Sesame Seeds Infinity Foods


250grams Black sesame seed pack – handy for topping and coating.Japanese Sushi rolls often come covered in black sesame, but these striking seeds are also used in Chinese and Indian cuisine.As with all sesame seeds, these are a highly nutritious seed with many essential minerals, omega compounds and anti-oxidants. DirectionsBlack sesame seeds can be used interchangeably with white sesame seeds, though are traditionally used differently. Black sesame seeds have a richer taste and are more suited to Eastern cuisine. They are often mixed with rice, which gives it an appealing look as well as adding taste and boosting the nutritional content. They are commonly used in sushi, and often used to coat bread-sticks or to season salads. IngredientsBlack sesame seeds. Wheat-free • Does not naturally contain gluten • Vegetarian, Vegan • Dairy-free.

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Weight 270 g
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