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Benefits of Henna Powder (Organic)


Henna powder is mostly known as a natural dye, used to make traditional “temporary tattoos” in India, Pakistan and the Middle East. But did you know that Henna also has many medicinal properties?

As well as for decoration, ancient people in Asia and Africa would use Henna to help cool the skin in hot weather, as well as to treat wounds and skin infections. It was also used internally for stomach issues. 

Scientific research has backed up some of its health benefits. It has been shown to have anti-bacterial properties which may explain why it could treat wounds and digestive issues. It has also been shown to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

It is often taken to treat stomach ulcers and other digestive issues, as well as being used topically to treat skin infections, dandruff and other issues. 

  • skin health
  • wound healing
  • digestion

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