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Benefits of Cola Nut Powder (Organic)


Cola nut is mostly famed for being the original flavouring used in flavour. This is not the best use for them, sweet fizzy drinks destroy health whereas this wonderful nut can protect it. 

The Cola nut is native to West Africa, where it has been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years as a natural stimulant. Its flavour and stimulating properties meant it soon spread to Europe as trading routes with Africa were established. 

Cola nut is said by many to better pick-me-up than coffee with fewer side effects. It does contain caffeine, but also theobromine, which is another natural stimulant found in chocolate. There may be other substances in it which contribute to its ability to improve focus, herbs often contain thousands of active ingredients working together in ways that science is only scratching the surface of. 

Cola nut has a very high concentration of anti-oxidants which protect our cells from damage caused by environmental pollutants, toxic substances in our diets, radiation and so on. 

The focus-enhancing properties of Cola nut have been confirmed by scientific studies which suggest it improves memory and cognitive function.

It is also being researched for weight loss since it has appetite-reducing properties and may help the metabolism – it has been shown to reduce body fat in overweight individuals. 

There is also evidence that Cola nuts can help regulate blood sugar by reducing insulin sensitivity. This means that it could reduce the risk of diabetes.

It is possible to make your healthy cola using cola nut powder. This is definitely recommended over consuming the 15 spoons of sugar and industrial chemicals that go into modern colas, which represent a mockery of the healing power of this remarkable herb.

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