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Osanyin ATUNYO

New Osanyin ATUNYO

ATUNYO: Intra Cellular Cleanser.
Supports and maintains colon function. Helps maintain and improve the colons ability to process vital nutrients, absorb water and eliminate faecal matter from the body.

Aids in weight loss as toxins attached to fat and waste are dislodged and removed, leaving the body in optimum condition.


Atunyo is a non habit forming formula that was produced using only the finest herbs to bring optimum health to the bowels, colon, and intestinal tract.


Additionally Atunyo could help with the conditions listed below Addictions and cravings, respiratory problems, High blood pressure, Bad smelling farts, Weight problems, Constipation, Hemorrhoids (Piles), Depression, Constant tiredness, lack of energy, Headaches, Lower back pain, Mood swings and irritability, Leg pains, bladder infections, Lack of mental clarity and forgetfulness, Nervousness, Blood sugar imbalances, Bad Breath, Body odour, Skin problems: eczema, spots, psoriasis and itching.


Safe to use during pregnancy or breast feeding

Ingredient: Ingredients: Asunwon egba. Bara. Jebo Ayin. Asunfeyeje. Orin

Instructions and Usage

  • If you are using this product for weight loss, take 1 capsule per day. Otherwise take one capsule every 2 – 5 days depending on your need. Regular water intake necessary


    Safe to use during pregnancy or breast feeding


    Note:  If you intend on using this product for weight loss. It is mandatory that you start with ATUNBI (colon and complete systemic cleanser) which helps you lose weight as well as softening up solid fats.

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