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Neter Vital: A Haven in The Heart of Brixton

At first glance, Neter Vital seems like a typical health-food store, with a large selection of supplements, natural beauty products, vegan foods and household products. However, spend any time talking to the owner, staff or customers and you will realise there is a lot more to this place than meets the eye. Neter Vital has a very important mission, to support the local community through educating, healing, and connecting people. 

Customers Needs Before Profit

Neter Vital is the brainchild of Neb, who has spent a lifetime studying both ancient traditions and modern scientific research. He is passionate about using his knowledge to heal and transform others. Through his life experience, business and volunteering work, Neb became aware of many of the social problems effecting his local community: issues such as bad diet and lifestyle, gun and knife crime, breakdown of families, young people having a lack of direction and people suffering a range of physical and mental symptoms that doctors seemed unable to help with). When a space in the heart of Brixton became available, Neb saw an opportunity to apply his knowledge to serving the community, and in 2012 Neter Vital was born. 

What is unique about Neter Vital is its holistic and tailored approach to healing. The staff offer individual consultations to advise people on the supplements, foods and personal care products that will provide them the most benefit. Without the correct information, people can actually do themselves more harm than good when experimenting with various foods and supplements, especially in these days of social media where new fads can spread very quickly. Neter Vital always place their customers needs before profit, so they strive to educate people rather than just selling whatever happens to be popular.

The Ancient Ones Knew

The parallels between ancient traditions and modern scientific research are fascinating. One of the top selling products at Neter Vital is black seed oil (made from organic cumin seeds). This substance was so valued in ancient Egypt that it was found in the tombs of Pharaoh’s – where only the most precious objects were placed. Modern science has showed it Evidence that it can help with many health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, digestive problems and more. There has been an explosion of scientific interest in traditional remedies recently, and the staff at Neter Vital always keep up to date with the latest developments.  People are also becoming more educated about the dangers associated with many of the chemicals found in common beauty and personal care products, so the interest in natural alternatives has never been greater. 

We Offer Diet Planning Advice

The customers who come through the door are from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, and Neb does not want anybody to be excluded on the grounds of cost. There is a perception that healthy, organic food is very expensive – but this does not have to be the case. Neter Vital teaches people how to save money by buying in bulk and planning their diet ( a quinoa salad can cost £7 in a restaurant but an entire kilo can be obtained for less if you buy in bulk ). As well as selling bulk product, Neter Vital offers diet planning advice and even cookery courses.  

Tranquil Atmosphere

Neter-Vital only employ staff who share Neb’s passion for education and transformation, and because of this, the store has built excellent relations with the local community. Spend any length of time in the shop and you will see all types of people coming in and chatting with the staff about all sorts of subjects ranging from vegan recipe ideas to the deepest mysteries of the universe.  Simply being in the shop feels like a healing experience in itself, thanks to the tranquil atmosphere created by the clean and minimal design, beautiful smells from the natural products and friendly people..    

Mind Body Soul

The holistic approach expands beyond what people put into and onto their bodies, with counselling sessions available. Neb’s philosophy is that once a person becomes aware of the root cause of their issue ( be it a past trauma, current relationship issue, living environment etc.) then 80% of the healing is already done. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, Neb relies on his intuitive quality, knowledge of ancient spirituality and modern psychology to help people to really get to the bottom of whatever is troubling them. Selected books are also available from the store, ranging from ancient spiritual classics to modern self-help literature. A consultation may lead to certain books being recommended depending on the issues the customer is facing. 

We Love Brixton

Brixton is an area that has long been famed for its diversity, and this is certainly reflected in the customer base of Neter-Vital which comprises of people from many different backgrounds. The type of spirituality promoted by Neter Vital, is about finding purpose and meaning to life, understanding yourself and fulfilling your highest potential. This is something universal that can benefit anybody, whatever their beliefs.  

Free Spiritual & Meditation Classes

We are living in an age of isolation and depression (the government even recently appointed a minister for loneliness!). Neter Vital is helping to tackle this by arranging community activities such as free lectures, cookery courses, movie nights, and even trips to the market for children to learn about healthy food. By serving the community, Neter Vital hopes to encourage others to do the same – to become better citizens. The events are designed to be entertaining but also educational – the idea is that when people learn what is best for their health and well-being, they will be better able to take responsibility for their lives. 

We Support Local Businesses

Neter Vital also support local health and wellness businesses by stocking their products, and always try to source items as locally as possible. They have also recently teamed up with a degradable packaging company to minimise any environmental impact of their products.

You Know Where We At 🙂

If you are looking for natural remedies and skincare products, vegan foods, emotional support, spiritual advice, or want to connect with people in the community – even if you are just looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the local area – pop in to Neter Vital and experience something truly unique. 

With Love

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