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Milk Thistle Extract 30ml

Benefits of Milk Thistle Extract 30ml


For hundreds of years, traditional healers have relied on milk thistle to remedy a wide range of conditions. The ancient Greeks and Romans first put it to use to cure ailments of the gallbladder and liver. It was used to heal snake bites in the Medieval Ages, and it was also used to treat liver disorders in traditional Chinese medicine.

Milk thistle’s active components are grouped under the name silymarin, with silybin being the most well-known and studied. Silybin, a flavonoid, has been linked to numerous health advantages, especially for the liver. It helps heal the liver and has other beneficial effects including reducing inflammation and improving immunity. Due to its ability to aid in liver detoxification, protection, and disease prevention, milk thistle is a popular dietary supplement.

Milk thistle has been proven to mitigate liver inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are associated with liver damage. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and hepatitis are only some of the liver illnesses that have been proven to benefit from their use in both prevention and treatment (NAFLD). Those taking drugs known to wreak havoc on the liver may also benefit from milk thistle because it can fortify the organ against toxicity.

Milk thistle’s high antioxidant concentration has led to additional claims that it can slow the signs of skin ageing. To prevent premature skin ageing, antioxidants shield cells from free radicals. By enhancing insulin resistance and decreasing inflammation, milk thistle may potentially be useful in lowering cholesterol levels and managing diabetes.

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