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Chia Seeds Infinity Foods

Benefits of Chia Seeds Infinity Foods


Chia seeds 500g· Chia seeds help to create a feeling of fullness and stave off hunger.· High in Omega 3, fibre and protein.· Contains important minerals such as calcium and magnesium.· Eat them raw, toasted or baked into bread.· Add to breakfast cereals or smoothies. The chia seed was used as part of a staple diet in South America and has now been rediscovered and made its way into Europe. It is known as a “superfood” and a “runners food”, due to its ability to make the stomach feel full, and also because of the concentrated amounts of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid, fibre, protein and minerals. Chia seeds can be sprinkled onto other foods (such as cereals) as a nutritional supplement. When toasted or used in baking, they have a nutty flavour. Chia seeds help to keep you full, because they expand within the stomach. This makes them great for people who are on a weight-loss diet. You can see how easily they expand by adding water to chia seeds: they form a gel-like consistency. This takes a while to digest, and therefore helps to keep hunger at bay. DirectionsChia seeds are ready to eat.Add chia seeds to any meal in order to make it more filling. Chia seeds expand and create a feeling of fullness.A handful of chia seeds will help to keep hunger at bay!Runners eat a handful of chia seeds before setting off, to help slow the digestion and thus prolong the release of energy to the body.Sprinkle onto cereals or into salads.Eat chia seeds as part of a seed mix.Bake chia seeds into bread to make a seeded loaf. Some people soak the seeds beforehand, but this is not absolutely necessary.Add chia seeds to smoothies for a thicker consistency, and to make them more filling.Ingredients100% Whole Chia Seeds. <p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-

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