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Moringa: A Most Generous Gift From Mother Nature



Moringa: A Most Generous Gift From Mother Nature

At Neter Vital, we believe that so many of the health problems of the modern age are caused by us being so separated from nature, and so turning back to nature is the obvious solution. Moringa Oleifera (known as “the tree of life”) beautifully illustrates this concept. Nature has not given up on us! Moringa is a gift that can undo some of the damage that our unnatural way of living has caused.

Moringa demonstrates the generosity of nature more than any other plant. It is as if it has been created simply to nourish and heal humanity. The more you learn about this plant, the more you will realise what an incredible gift it is. Its seeds are rich in an oil that heals the skin, the leaves and stem are unbelievably rich with life-saving nutrients, the roots and flowers can be used to make a healing tea. After pressing the oil from the seeds, some cultures even use the left-over material as a filter to purify water, making it safe to drink.

The tree is amazingly resilient, growing in places where few plants can survive, and overcoming adverse weather conditions. This makes it even more of a gift to the people who live in areas where food is scarce and explains why it is referred to in Africa as “Nebadaye” (never die)


Ancient people in Asia and Africa have used Moringa for thousands of years. Moringa oil was found in the tombs of ancient Egyptian Royalty, who were buried with only their most treasured possessions. The ancient Egyptians prized it due to its ability to keep the skin youthful and healthy, even in the harsh desert environment. In the Ayurvedic healing tradition of India, Moringa is given for hundreds of different health conditions.  

Moringa has recently attracted a lot of attention from modern scientists trying to understand just why this substance was so treasured by ancient people. What they have found is remarkable.


High Concentration of Nutrients

Often we like to associate certain foods with certain nutrients. We know for example that spinach is high in iron, oranges are high in vitamin C, milk has a lot of calcium, and so on. When it comes to Moringa though, it just seems to blow everything else out of the water. It has three times the iron content of spinach, seven times the vitamin C of oranges, three times more potassium than bananas, and 4 times the calcium of milk. It also has 18 of the 20 essential amino acids that the body needs.

Even more remarkable is the fact it seems to contain multiple nutrients, in the correct concentrations, that work together. For example, we know that Selenium and Vitamin E work synergistically: Moringa contains both.

Life many leafy greens, Moringa contains plenty of fibre and is great to eat. However, unlike most others, it has a very high concentration of protein. Thanks to this and the high nutrient content, Moringa has been successfully used to fight against malnutrition in poor communities. It is like a meal combined with a vitamin and mineral supplement – with nature providing the perfect balance of ingredients.

Medical Uses

Modern research has discovered that Moringa can help with many medical conditions. The fact that it normalises blood sugar is very significant since high blood sugar is associated with diabetes, kidney problems and even heart disease. One of the reasons that Moringa is attracting so much research attention is that it contains anti-inflammatory substances known as isothiocyanates, making it potentially useful for conditions that are caused by sustained inflammation: arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many others.

Moringa has been shown to lower cholesterol, balance hormone levels, and relieve digestive problems. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even anti-viral properties, and this has been demonstrated by its success at treating various skin problems such as infections and athlete’s foot.

It is high in Tryptophan which is vital for healthy brain function. Moringa also contains compounds that appear to regulate the thyroid gland which is responsible for regulating many vital functions of the human body. The high calcium and phosphorous content mean it is often recommended for arthritis, and also for general bone and joint health. Extracts from the tree have also been shown to suppress cancer development.

The oil extracted from the seeds of the plant is used externally and has many benefits. As well as removing blemishes caused by acne and other infections, the anti-oxidants in Moringa oil have an anti-ageing effect. The vitamin C and E it contains are both known to have a firming effect on the skin.

Nature Provides

It is not surprising that people have called Moringa the “Miracle Tree”. It seems that a miracle is what we need in this age of cancer, heart disease, obesity and other problems caused by poor nutrition. More and more people are getting sick, and relying on pharmaceuticals that cause horrendous side effects. Interestingly Moringa has even been shown to protect the liver from the damage done by some pharmaceuticals.

These are just some of the recognised benefits of Moringa. It seems, as with many things, that the ancient people knew what they were doing.

These days of billions of pounds are spent every year on vitamin and mineral supplements. Companies are always searching for “active” ingredients that they can extract from plants and sell at a high price. But, this way the subtle balance of nutrients is lost. People are spending a fortune buying skin products made from all sorts of harmful synthetic chemicals when the answer to healthy and young-looking skin is literally growing on trees. What a strange world we live in! Human beings have become so separated from nature that we fail to appreciate all the wonderful gifts it provides us. We believe that many of the physical and mental health problems in the modern world can be healed by returning to a more natural approach – restabilising the connection. It is even more urgent for us to use these healing plants since we have been so damaged by pollution, radiation, toxins in our food, and the disconnection and stress of the modern world.

Thankfully, science is starting to confirm what the ancient people already knew, and plants like Moringa are getting more mainstream attention. At Neter Vital, we aspire to be a big part of this trend, and we do everything we can to educate and inform people about the incredible gifts that nature provides.

Neter Vital Moringa Products

We stock organic Moringa leaf and oil, farmed in West Africa using traditional methods. This ensures that the concentration and combination of nutrients that nature intended are present. The leaf is also available as a powder that can easily be stirred into drinks.  

We recommend the leaves for many different health problems, including those listed above. Many of our customers take Moringa daily for general wellness, they report it increases their energy and focus.

We recommend the oil for all sorts of skin conditions, and for regular use to promote healthy and younger-looking skin and hair.  Moringa is one of the main ingredients in our ancient healing cream (based on a recipe from ancient Egypt that we discovered through our research).

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