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Don’t Carry Uncessary Sh*t: Why You Need To Colon-Cleanse



Don’t Carry Uncessary Sh*t: Why You Need To Colon-Cleanse

Did you know the average person is carrying between 2-9kg of toxic waste in their digestive systems?  As you can imagine, this trapped toxic waste can lead to a huge array of health issues. The early signs of toxic waste buildup are bloating, constipation, mood changes, acne, weight gain, frequent illnesses, low immune system, and fatigue. If left untreated, this can worsen and cause more serious problems like eczema, food intolerances, migraines, depression, brain fog, memory issues, chronic digestive disorders, rectal prolapse, incontinence, faecal impaction (which can result in death in untreated). So colon cleansing is something everybody should consider! A light cleanse should be done every season- especially if you eat dairy, processed carbs and meat. 

A hundred years ago, colon cleansing may not have been necessary. All our ancestors’ food was organic, no heavily processed foods were to be found. They didn’t add toxic colourings and flavourings, no dangerous preservatives, minimal- if any- sugar, no trans fats and so on. They were not exposed to even 1% of the toxins we are today. Most of the food consumed by the average westerner isn’t even food! If you grew up eating toast, cereal or pancakes for breakfast- your colon is most definitely in need of a detox. 

The modern diet is so poor and contaminated that since 1950, the rate of colon cancer among young adults has quadrupled. That is an enormous jump, and colon cancer is one of the deadliest cancers out there- it’s the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths, after lung cancer. The most damaging things to the colon are sugar, smoking, processed foods (think hot dogs, bread, pasta, cheese), trans fat, caffeine, alcohol, pesticides, and smoked meats. Consuming these products over a long period can be very damaging to the colon, and cause it to stop functioning properly. As we have explained, when the colon doesn’t function properly, it affects our entire body. 

The first step in a colon cleanse would be to cut out all of the things damaging your colon. Give your digestive system a much-needed break to get the most benefits from the cleanse. It is much harder for the body to detox the colon if you are consuming toxins at the same time. We recommend cutting out toxins 3 days before you do the cleanse, for maximum healing potential. 

Here at Neter Vital, we are proud to stock only the best natural healing products. For the colon cleanse and detox, we recommend Atunbi. Atunbi is the most powerful- yet all-natural- detox cleanse pills on the market. Atunbi is a blend of herbs that thoroughly detoxifies the colon, kidney, liver, lungs, pancreas, blood, body fluid and whole body system. It rids the body of parasites, fungus, dead cells, mucoid plaque build-ups and will clean out your colon in as little as 12 hours. During your cleanse it is recommended to drink herbal teas (Check out our herb section here).and relax, don’t plan a big day and make sure you stay home. After the cleanse you will feel energized, revitalized, more mental clarity, and your digestive system functioning will be improved. Click here to order the best colon cleanse on the market today.

How do you clean out your colon?

There are many different methods you can use:
1) Drinking extra water, staying hydrated is essential for digestion.
2) Herbs: Natural laxatives like Senna and Aloe have been used for thousands of years. Atunbi colon cleanser has a unique blend of herbs that have a very powerful effect.
3) Probiotics: an incorrect balance of microflora can cause constipation, supplementing with a probiotic such as VitaBiosa can help to clear out the colon.
4) Eating a high fibre diet. Modern diets are often lacking in fibre and this prevents the colon from properly emptying.

Do I need to colon cleanse?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need to cleanse your colon.

Constipation / Irregular Bowel Movements
Weight Gain
Bloating / Stomach Pain

What is a colon cleansing diet?

This is a diet that contains many high-fibre and easy-to-digest foods.  Some examples are:

Lots of leafy green vegetables
Probiotics (Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Pickles, Yogurt, Kefir, Miso)
Flax and Chia Seeds
Grains, oats, fruit, beans, pulses, root vegetables

Is the colon self-cleansing?

The colon does clean itself, and for this reason, some say that a colon cleanse is not necessary. But the modern diet causes us a lot of problems due to lack of fibre, additives, and various toxins, so many of us have a colon that is unable to properly function. Carrying out a colon cleanse does not actually cleanse the colon: it lets the colon clean itself. Holistic health is all about allowing the body to function the way it was intended.

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