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Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash Weleda

Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash very gently cleanses and cares for the skin.A soothing shower experi..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Almond Sensitive soothing Facial Oil Weleda

50ml Almond Soothing Facial Oil is a mild, soothing oil for sensitive and unbalanced skin. Perfect f..

£16.00 Ex Tax: £16.00

Lavender Creamy Bodywash Weleda

This relaxing bodywash cleanses the skin whilst gently calming the senses with the soothing and arom..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Revitalising Hair Tonic Weleda

Revitalising Hair Tonic is Weleda’s oldest product. Original formulation since 1921! Revitalisi..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £12.99

Salt toothpaste Weleda

What it isWeleda Salt Toothpaste was originally developed in consultation with doctors and dentists ..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99